Eat the Street Garlic

About 6,000 people turned out for Friday’s Eat the Street, the biggest crowd in the event’s seven-month history. Theme for the night: everything garlic. Almost all the nearly three dozen food trucks and street food vendors had at least one garlic dish on the menu — yes, that includes desserts — almost all were swamped with long lines, and by the night’s end, most had run out of food.

And the weather? Near-perfect, with a by-now-customary double rainbow arcing over the scene. Cool temps, light breezes. Which was lucky for Kakaako, because 6,000 people breathing collective garlic fumes made this a night to remember.

Here’s a look at the scene:

Eat the Street Garlic

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From the 4 p.m. start to the 9 p.m. end, the parking lot was packed with peeps.

— Photo by John Garcia