Dude, you made that? Salmon skin roll

The dudes tackle a supreme sushi roll...with zero waste!
Dude, you made a salmon skin roll?

Dude, you made that? follows the cooking adventures of two hungry millennials.


What you need:

2 sheets of nori (1 per roll)
sushi rice
sesame seeds
salmon fillet, skin-on
masago (fish roe)
1 avocado
1/2 lemon
1 broccoli bunch
green onions

What to do:

  1. Cut off broccoli heads
  2. Julienne or cut broccoli stalks into matchsticks
  3. Slice skin from salmon
  4. Slice salmon into small slabs, aiming for a parallelogram shape to go on top of sushi roll (roughly 1-2 inches long, 1/2 inch wide)
  5. With the peel on, slice the lemon as thin as possible. Remove seeds as you encounter them
  6. Chop onions as small as possible
  7. Slice avocado in half and peel
  8. Slice avocado into slices about 1/4 inch thick (to go on top of roll)
  9. Add lots of oil in pan on high heat, and fry salmon skin until crispy
  10. Spread rice on nori, it’s okay if some nori is still showing
  11. Flip over and sprinkle sesame seeds on rice
  12. Flip back over, rice side up, add broccoli
  13. Add fried salmon skin
  14. Roll, and make sure that you roll it tight and firm
  15. Layer lemon, avocado and salmon slices on top
  16. Saran wrap above the roll, and roll again
  17. Remove Saran wrap and cut into 8 pieces
  18. Drizzle lemon spicy mayo sauce (Sriracha, mayo, lemon juice)
  19. Add masago


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