Da best teri beef is teri prime rib!

When da teri sauces mix with da beefy juices, das heaven right dea

I had long given up on searching for da best teri beef. To me, when you go plate lunch places, teri beef is either competent or junk. Lotta times da same restaurant might be both competent and junk cuz depends when you go. Consistency is one big problem with teri beef.

I figure da quality of da meat is da biggest difference maker. I tried some places’ teri steak before, but da steak usually ends up being pretty tough. I even tried fancy teri rib eye steak at couple Japanese restaurants. But da sauce wuz only vaguely teriyaki, more watered down, less intensity in both da sweet and da salty. Definitely not what Hawaii local people tink of when we tink teriyaki. 

My super picky teri beef connoisseur friend Chloe said I had to try Fat Boy’s, her favorite, cuz she looooves their teri beef. She said she tinks they use rib eye. I thought da rib eye wuz going be like those Japanese places but with real local kine teri sauce. But when I went I discovered wuz cut like regular teri beef thinness. I thought wuz competent enough. But nothing special I would rave about. Not like wuz sous vide teri beef.

Fast forward years later. Me and my family find ourselves at Henry Loui’s for try da crab avocado sandwich cuz my friend Joy said it wuz super awesome. Das when I saw ’em. Teri Grilled Prime Rib for $22.25. Quite one expensive pupu, I thought. But it comes with one side.

Might this version of teri beef be mo’ bettah than all others? Keep in mind that I’m super picky about prime rib. I hate buffet restaurant prime rib. Da only prime rib I really love is da one from Haleiwa Joe’s. I knew I’d be taking one risk if I ordered this. What if wuz thin-cut prime rib and tough? What if wuz like buffet prime rib and dry? In da end I decided for chance ’em cuz my wife said I could have some of her crab sandwich. Knowing I could eat someting good would mitigate da risk.

henry loui's teri prime rib

Ho, da first ting I noticed when it arrived wuz that it’s one really good-size portion. You can get ’em cooked how you like. I got mines medium well. Though da prime rib wuzn’t marinated in da teri sauce beforehand, I liked it like that, cuz when da teri sauce mixed with da juices from da prime rib, das heaven right dea. This wuz definitely waaaay more tender than any teri beef I ever ate before. Winnahs.

Like me, my older daughter has been kinda disenchanted with teri beef. Normally if she has to eat teri beef, she’ll chew on it, suck out all da juice, then spit out da rest. It’s kind of disgusting. Lol.

When she saw this, she asked to try some. I told her it’s beef, you know. But she still wanted to try. Her eyes came big and she had this incredulous look on her face as she chewed. Then she swallowed and announced, “It’s the first time I didn’t have to spit it out!” She declared this to be da BEST TERI BEEF EVER!


Henry Loui’s
2850 Paa St.