Chubbies Keeps It Classic with a Small Menu and Satisfying Smash Burgers

(Sponsored) Here, everything—from the buns to the pickles to the drink syrups—are made fresh in-house and locally sourced as much as possible.


Chubbies Burgers Exterior 2

Photo: Courtesy of Chubbies Burgers



I am not a messy eater. Not because my eating style is particularly neat—I am a chronic food/drink spiller and carry a Tide To-Go pen for my clothes everywhere for this exact reason—but I just don’t like getting my hands dirty. That being said, I always make an exception for Chubbies. There’s no way to daintily eat a deliciously greasy, juicy, gourmet Chubbies smash burger—trust me, I’ve tried—but after the first bite, I’m hyperfocused on scarfing the rest down. The mess I can deal with later.


Chubbies Burgers Outside Seating

The food truck’s outdoor seating area reopened last week. Photo: Courtesy of Chubbies Burgers



Chubbies Burgers, a little food truck permanently parked on Auahi Street by Victoria Ward Park, came into Honolulu’s food scene in 2016. Many compared it to In-N-Out, which, in some ways, is fair. Like the Cali-based chain, Chubbies prides itself on using quality, fresh ingredients. But the food truck takes that commitment a few steps further: Owner Jeffrey Nedry sources his ingredients locally as much as possible, but only if they meet his high standards. “Due to major quality issues, we switched from local beef to certified Angus beef,” he says. “It’s super delicious and being flown in, so very fresh.” Most of the produce he uses come from Island farmers, and the freshness shines in every delicious, messy bite.


Chubbies Burgers 50s Burger Chub Fries Milkshake

Owner Jeffrey Nedry’s favorite Chubbies combo: the 50’s Burger, Chub Fries and pineapple shake. Photo: Courtesy of Chubbies Burgers



Chubbies sticks to a small menu of four burgers, four sides and two sweet treats. No trendy options, weekly specials or 20-plus topping options here. And that’s a good thing. Instead of variety, Nedry focuses on making its offerings the best possible, most delicious versions of themselves. Everything is made fresh in-house, including the potato buns (Chubbies bakes more than 2,500 of these each week), the six sauces it uses, the veggie burger patties, the onion rings and even the pickles and drink syrups. If you want a decently made burger that comes with more options than a pair of custom Nikes, go elsewhere. If you want an exceptional burger that’s made perfectly every single time, go to Chubbies. And make sure to grab extra napkins.


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