Meet the Homeschoolers

An increasing number of Hawaii families are choosing to educate their children at home. We spoke with three of them to learn more about the realities of homeschooling.

Going, Going, Gone?

Think for a moment about a building you know well.  Say the downtown Honolulu office building where you work or the Costco store where you stock up on giant strawberries. Now imagine that building in some distant future, facing its…

Name Over?

Many of the world’s great cities—Vancouver, London, San Francisco, New York—have places called Chinatown. I’m proud Honolulu is one of them.

Weather: Tropical Aggression

Much to our relief, the Islands dodged a hurricane in August. But we weren’t as worried about the high winds as we were a potentially battered reputation. How embarrassing would it be to be pummeled by a Flossie? We think…

Field of Creams

photo by David Croxford Tucked into an old anthurium farm in Hilo, a company called Ola creates sophisticated spa goodies—body butters, foot scrubs, lotions—that are hand-made using fresh fruit, flowers, volcanic pumice and other natural ingredients. “I wanted to do…