Broke da mouth: How is McDonald’s global menu?

Da verdicts stay all ova da place, jus like da countries they come from

In Hawaii we kinda lucky our McDonald’s get lotta exclusive tings that other McD’s no more. It warms my heart when I see tourist peoples getting excited when they eat one of our delicious Taro Pies. Their faces so opposite compared to when they try poi. Lol.

I get lotta friends who like to share (pictures, not da actual food) from all their cool McDonald’s food finds when they go on vacations. Da latest one is my friend Peter Li who shared one photo of his Ebi Burger with Pineapple from Hong Kong. I still not sure if da pineapple makes it more Intriguing or less intriguing. 

So it’s little bit sucky for one person like me who hardly ever travels. Das why I wuz so stoked when I found out McD wuz bringing their worldwide favorites to ME (well actually to us, but it felt like they wuz reading my mind!) These is da four international items das only available for one limited time at participating McDonald’s locations.

Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger from Spain, $6.49

I no think this one’s too fancy. Beef patty and applewood-smoked bacon with slivered onions on top one sesame seed bun is kinda regulars. Da real gouda cheese on this one is one nice touch, but what I loved da most wuz da McBacon sauce. It’s kinda smokey and it elevates da whole burger.

I wouldn’t mind getting this again just for da sauce.

Cheesy Bacon Fries from Australia, $3.75

I dunno who McD think they fooling, but this da exact same thing they wuz selling a few months ago, except they marketing ’em better now by saying it’s from Down Under. This wuz horrible da first time I tried it and wuz even more painful da second time cuz I felt like I got suckered into getting this same junk ting again. I not one fan of da bacon or da cheese. It all tastes overly processed to me. My childrens love fries and they love cheese, but they hate this “real cheddar cheese sauce.” I not even sure what that means. Doesn’t it  just mean fake cheese?

No even boddah with this.

Tomato Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich from Canada, $6.49

This one no seem all that different to me too. Get da option to get ’em grilled or crispy. I went with crispy cuz das how it looked in da picture so I figure das how people in Canada must eat ’em, right? Seems very similar to da normal Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Both get da artisan roll, which is not my favorite cuz it’s little bit too chewy for me. Both get crispy chicken breast along with tomato and lettuce. Da only diffs is da Canadian one get one special herb sauce instead of mayo, and it comes with mozzarella cheese.

I guess it wouldn’t hurt for you to eat this once, so you can at least be part of da cultured conversation in case you ever in one car and gotta talk to Samuel L. Jackson about da McDonald’s-es in oddah parts of da world.

Stroopwafel McFlurry from the Netherlands, $3.19

I haven’t eaten one McFlurry in ukuplanny years. Like with lotta things, I tried ’em and once wuz enough for me. But this variant really surprised me. It blends vanilla soft serve with caramel and “Daelman’s Stroopwafel crispy caramel waffle cookie pieces.” Da Stroopwafel pieces so ono. It tastes little bit cinnamon-y. And da bits of waffle cookie get one really nice crunch to ’em. We tried this at two locations already. Da first time wuz perfect cuz had planny caramel. Da second time, try look da photo, hardly get. So if you no see caramel in yours make sure you ask, Eh you wen put enough caramel or what? Lol.

You gotta try this. It’s onreal! #nomonomoono