Breakfast at the Bar: Grab a Morning Bloody Mary at Pint + Jigger

This popular gastropub now offers weekend breakfast and brunch with traditional pub grub.
Pint + Jigger breaks into weekend breakfast
with cocktails. 
Photos: Steve Czerniak 

When a pub takes on breakfast, there are two things we expect: a traditional British-style breakfast and beer. We got the British brekkie (more on that in a bit), and we opted for Irish coffee and bloody marys instead of a pint, but beer was definitely an option. We just can’t resist boozy coffee and bloody marys with strips of bacon where celery normally is.


Pint + Jigger, best known as a nighttime pub, recently started doing breakfast on the weekends, which we were happy to hear. We can never have enough breakfast options, and, though there are more breakfast spots than ever before in Honolulu, there’s always room for another. And Pint + Jigger is worth adding to your breakfast/brunch hit list.


The morning menu is served Friday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and takes a two-pronged approach. One side of the menu is fairly straightforward breakfast food, with offerings that include a perfectly melty, drippy, hangover-cure-y croissant breakfast sandwich, crepes (we liked the Nutella-Boston cream pie crepe) as well as biscuits and gravy. And there’s the P+J version of a traditional English breakfast, which typically consists of breakfast sausages, baked beans, eggs, bacon, roasted tomatoes and toast. We would have been instantly transported back to our summer spent in London if not for a few inconsistencies in the breakfast platter, such as undercooked white bean stew and undercooked sunny-side-up eggs. We appreciate the effort to upgrade the not-so-fancy baked beans to a more sophisticated white-bean dish, but the beans need more time on the stove if they’re going to take the place of canned pork and beans. And this is where we’re a bit unforgiving about our breakfasts: The eggs must be cooked properly. That is all.


The other side of the menu is more of a brunch thing, with sandwiches and burgers and other pub fare, including fish and chips. We knew from the moment we opened our menus that we’d be ordering the Hulk BLT, and we’ll go back just to get that sandwich again. What’s not to love about fried green tomatoes and thick-cut bacon between two pieces of buttered and fried sourdough bread? Exactly. The Monte Cristo was also well done, with a good balance of sweet and savory sandwich fillings and just a spare sprinkle of powdered sugar. Never trust a Monte Cristo that’s been covered in an avalanche of powdered sugar.


Left: Who needs celery? This bloody mary comes with bacon and a crab claw. Right: Pint + Jigger’s Hulk BLT brings an old classic to a new level by thowing deep-fried green tomatoes into the mix.


In only its third week as a weekend breakfast spot, Pint + Jigger is still finding its morning legs with regard to service, but making the transition from night owl to early bird takes some getting used to. We know. We’ve been there. Know what helps? A good, stiff morning drink. We suggest a bloody mary.


Pint + Jigger, 1936 S. King St., breakfast served 8 a.m.–3 p.m. Friday–Sunday, $6.50–$14, 744-9593, reservations recommended.


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