Author: Noelle Chun

Mu‘umu‘u Re-do

The trendy Blue Geisha Vintage Boutique turns an old mainstay into a hot new look.

By the Numbers

Searching for Hawai‘i Google Trends measures the popularity of search terms in cities around the world. Enter one to five search terms, and the engine will tell you who’s Google lovin’ those words most, based on volume of searches and…

Shipping Out

Earlier this year, the USS Honolulu bid a final aloha to its namesake city when the submarine left Pearl Harbor to deactivate at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. It was the third ship named after the Islands’ capital. See how the name has sailed through history.

Homey Advice

photo: Darin Isobe Living in paradise is fun. But maintaining a home in paradise? Auwe. Somewhere along the way, the ocean breeze corroded the TV, the rays of sunshine faded the couch and the rhythm of the falling rain was…

Best Places to Live

Whether you're enjoying retirement or saving for your kids' college tuition, loving life in the fast lane or trying to slow down, we've got the neighborhood for you.

Shopping: Home Away from Home

Getting ready to empty the nest? Send off your college-bound student with gifts to make home seem a little closer.

Chinatown Now

MORE THAN ANY OTHER O‘AHU NEIGHBORHOOD, CHINATOWN IS A DIFFERENT PLACE FOR EVERYONE WHO VISITS. For some, it’s a bustling marketplace, full of bargains and unique items. For others, it’s an arts district that comes alive on the first Friday…

How to Cook Washoku

Washoku is a Japanese philosophy that offers a harmonious approach to food in daily life and describes the food produced with this mindset. Elizabeth Andoh has traveled to 27 cities over the past eight months to teach washoku, and, on…

A Fresh Look

Koi Ozu turns ordinary items into funky art for the Honolulu Academy of Art’s Showcase 2006.