Asato Family Shop Serves Creamy Sherbet in Nostalgic Flavors From Our Childhood

Small kid scoops.
Asato Family Sherbet
Asato Family Sherbet opened in Downtown Honolulu on Feb. 17, 2019.
Photo: David Croxford


Neale Asato has figured out a way to turn our favorite small-kid flavors—White Rabbit candy, pickled mango, li hing sour belts—into sherbet or sorbet.


It took the experienced chef five years to perfect his flavors and create a smooth and creamy sherbet inspired by Maui’s Tasaka Guri-Guri. In 2017, he launched Asato Family Shop, a sherbet line available by subscription and at his new kitchen in Downtown. He started with seven monthly subscribers, all family and friends. Now, he has more than 300 subscribers, each paying $36 for 6 pints of sherbet, with flavors that change regularly. On Saturdays, back when he was churning out his sherbet from a Hālawa kitchen, it wasn’t uncommon to see 100 people waiting in line to buy pints of nostalgia.


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Asato has concocted about 40 flavors so far, including lychee-flavored Calpico, honey lemon peel, ume shiso, s’mores, grilled pineapple, chocolate gummy bear, Creamsicle and a Pink Starburst flavor that sold out at a pop-up at Rainbow Drive-In in 20 minutes.


“I think that food, and especially sweets, can make life a little better,” he says. 


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