5 New Must-Try Dishes at Stripsteak Waikīkī

(Sponsored) After more than a year out of commission, Michael Mina’s Hawai‘i spot reopened last month with a lineup of new, soon-to-be favorite menu items.


Stripsteak Waikiki Exterior

Photo: Courtesy of Stripsteak Waikīkī



Like many other Waikīkī spots, Stripsteak Waikīkī at International Market Place closed its doors at the beginning of 2020 as COVID restrictions tightened and visitor traffic became all but nonexistent. Now, reopened just last month, the restaurant is finally back, with nearly 20 brand-new dishes added to its lineup. Here are a few of my favorite new bites on the block.


Stripsteak Watermelon Cucumber Salad

Photo: Marisa Heung



One of Stripsteak’s newest appetizers, the cucumber and watermelon salad ($12) is a refreshing small plate and the perfect palate primer for the rest of your meal. Cubes of cucumber and ripe watermelon are drizzled with a Szechuan chile vinaigrette, and topped with crunchy golden garlic and sliced basil.


Stripsteak Waikiki Wagyu Steak

Photo: Marisa Heung



This was the dish I was most excited for, and it did not disappoint. The hot stone A5 Wagyu striploin ($152 per 4 ounces) features four unctuous, beautifully marbled slices of luxury-grade beef, brought to the table raw for diners to cook themselves on the accompanying hot stone (four seconds on each side was the recommended cook time). Then, garnish with sunomono cucumber, red yuzu kosho, wasabi, ponzu and/or Hawaiian sea salt and enjoy that tasty morsel. (Whiskey drinkers, listen up: Stripsteak has a Suntory Toki whisky infused with A5 Wagyu fat, which, when paired with this dish, is simply chef’s kiss.)


Stripsteak Waikiki Porterhouse Sides

Photo: Courtesy of Stripsteak Waikīkī



The 28-ounce, duck-fat-aged porterhouse for two isn’t new on the menu, but the side dishes I enjoyed with it are. Out of the four that I tried, the mac and cheese with black truffle ($21) won my vote—how could it not?—however, the twice-cooked potatoes with yuzu aioli ($14), red miso corn with lime butter ($15) and asparagus with negi vinaigrette ($16) are also excellent choices, especially if you’re not in the mood for an ultra decadent side dish.


Stripsteak Waikiki Whole Lobster Udon

Photo: Marisa Heung



The drunken whole lobster ($99) with spicy udon noodles and toasted cashews combines Asian and European flavors in a rich, colorful dish that’s worth pulling out your phone and snapping a pic for. Served on a sizzling plate, the sake beurre blanc is drizzled at the table.


The roasted strawberry cheesecake—now officially one of my favorite desserts—was so good, I forgot to take a photo. This is a Basque-style cheesecake, which are lighter and more delicate that the New York styles, and are baked without a crust. Served with warm strawberries, yuzu curd and a white sesame crisp, this dessert is one I’ll always have room for.


For more information, visit michaelmina.net. For updates, follow @stripsteakhi on Instagram.



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