16 Easy, Last-Minute Local Halloween Costume Ideas

Hawai‘i is full of costume inspo, whether you’re going solo, as a couple, with a group or with your pet.


Faceless Woman

Faceless woman
Photos: Aaron K. Yoshino

Pull some pantyhose over your head, and wear dark clothing and a long wig to pull the look together.


King Tide

King Tide

Don a helmet, crown or other royal headgear and cape and walk around with a bottle of laundry detergent.


International Market Place

International Market Place

Dress as a banyan tree and stick on cutouts of logos from Herringbone, Saks Fifth Avenue, Fabletics, Yauatcha, Swarovski or your favorite shops and restaurants from the revamped Waikīkī center.


Diamond Head

Stick a picture of a diamond on your forehead. (Hey, we said last-minute.)


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Kim Jong-un and a Missile

Korean missile

You might have to fight with your significant other about who gets to make a cardboard rocket and who has to figure out how to fix their hair to look like that.


Pork and the Pali

Photo: Diane Lee

Look longingly at your lover from across the room, because you’re just not meant to be together.


Slipper and a Roach

Or oversize HoyHoy Trap-A-Roach and a cockroach. Then sing Bell Biv DeVoe’s “Poison.”


Medical Marijuana and a 329 Card

Medical Marijuana

This pairing is meant to be: You can’t get the first without the second.




MoDo Donuts
Photo: Nicole Oka

Whether you prefer Liliha Bakery or MoDo Hawai‘i’s ring doughnuts, you can customize cardboard circles to be the frosting color of your choice. Just make sure to stand in a circle with your friends to complete the doughnut.


Taro Cards

Like tarot cards, only with different types of kalo on each card. Get it?


Characters from Rap’s Hawai‘i

Pick your favorites! Auntie Marialani? All you need is an apron, pearls and a bottle of wine. Merdie Murdock? Clashing patterns, a shell lei and a car that won’t stop falling apart. Mr. Fogarty? Exasperated tourist!


Cast of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

The film doesn’t come out until December, but it’ll be old news by next Halloween, and we’re always looking for an excuse to look like The Rock.


With Pets

Kaimana and Rocky

Rocky Kaimana monk seals
Photo: David Croxford

Wear matching gray hoodies, draw some whiskers and a nose on your face and make barking noises at your little one, especially if you’re near the Natatorium.


Zippy’s Chili Frank Plate

Works especially well if you have a dachshund.


Lilo and Stitch

The movie may be 15 years old, but how cute would your dog be dressed as a little alien?


Owen Grady and Raptors


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The next installment in the Jurassic Park franchise recently wrapped up filming in Hawai‘i. Pay homage to Jurassic World by dressing as Chris Pratt and doing his signature #prattkeeping pose in the middle of your pack of animals.


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