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3 Easy, Quick Halloween Makeup Ideas That Scream Sweet, Scary and Fierce

Local makeup master Jonathan Freitas reveals how to become a lifeless lurker, cool cat and a junior Justice Leaguer—in less than 30 minutes. Trust us, it’s not a lot of hocus pocus, but more practical magic that non-spell casters can handle.


Video: Aaron K. Yoshino


You got a last-minute invite to a Halloween bash that your boo will be at. Your “wonderful” child just told you she’s entered a Halloween costume contest—and it’s tomorrow morning. You’re not a talented makeup artist, or married to one. These are just a few reasons why you need to pay close attention to the following videos that’ll help you be more than just a basic witch.




Marisa Heung



  • Light skin tone foundation

  • Dark skin tone foundation

  • Translucent powder in the same shade as light foundation

  • Neutral, brown, gold eyeshadows

  • Black liquid eyeliner

  • Black lipstick



Start with a clean face. Apply a light foundation. Apply darker foundation to sides of chin and sides of nose and down to chin. Blend colors. Apply translucent powder. Be careful not to blend too much so edges remain soft but distinct. Apply eyeshadows to eyelids. With liquid eyeliner create cat-shape eyes then color bottom of nose, create whiskers and outline each spot.  Add black lipstick to lips.




Thomas Goodwin



  • Foundation (slightly lighter than skin tone) 

  • Makeup sponge

  • Baby powder

  • Gray, black, purple eyeshadows

  • Red lip liner (that’s safe to use around the eyes)

  • Fake blood



Start with a clean face. Apply a light foundation. Take baby powder and gray eyeshadow and blend into foundation until entire face is gray and dead-looking. Apply eyeshadows to eye sockets, lips, brow bone and temples. Line the bottom of lash lines with red lip liner. Apply fake blood on and around lips, and on shirt.


Wonder Woman





  • Gentle moisturizer

  • Pink or red lipstick

  • Shimmer crème eyeshadow

  • White eyeliner

  • Black liquid liner

  • Dark gold eyeshadow

  • Red eyeshadow

  • Pink lip gloss



Start with a clean face. Apply moisturizer. Dot pink lipstick on cheeks. Blend with fingers. Add shimmer on eyelids. Trace Wonder Woman headband and star on forehead with white eyeliner. Retrace the headband and star with black eyeliner. Fill in band with gold eyeshadow and star with red eyeshadow. Apply lip gloss to lips. 






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