October 2004


Ghost Stories

Hawai‘i loves its ghosts and ghost stories. A half-dozen Islanders share their most chicken-skin moments.




Screen Time


HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific—chronicling the Islands since 1888.

Gold Chamber

Citizen’s Arrest

Can you? Should you?

Chasing the Buzz

Three hot new restaurants, but only one winner- Kevin Hanney's 12th Avenue Grill.

Our Town: Hawai‘i’s New Fish Auction

Brooks Takenaka runs the fish auction at its new Pier 38 home–where the fish is literally fresh off the boat.

Second Sight

First Friday, Best Friday

Forgotten Disasters

Time buries old wounds.

Something Strange in Your Neighborhood

How I moved to Hawaii and learned to love ghosts.

A Ghostly Legacy

Q+A Dr. Bruce Kessel