October 2004

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Menehune, Hauntings and Choking Ghosts: 6 Beloved Ghost Stories From Hawai‘i’s Spooky Past

Hawai‘i loves its ghosts and ghost stories. A half-dozen Islanders share their most chicken-skin moments.
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A Ghostly Legacy

Citizen’s Arrest

Can you? Should you?

First Friday, Best Friday

Gold Chamber

Our Town: Hawai‘i’s New Fish Auction

Brooks Takenaka runs the fish auction at its new Pier 38 home–where the fish is literally fresh off the boat.

Q+A Dr. Bruce Kessel

Screen Time

Second Sight

Chasing the Buzz

Three hot new restaurants, but only one winner- Kevin Hanney's 12th Avenue Grill.


HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific—chronicling the Islands since 1888.

Forgotten Disasters

Time buries old wounds.

Something Strange in Your Neighborhood

How I moved to Hawaii and learned to love ghosts.
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