May 2007


Castle in the Sky

Castle in the Sky

For a busy single mom, this Hokua penthouse apartment has become the ideal home—after a few tweaks, of course.

How We Met

Love has to start somewhere. Here, five local couples tell the stories of when the sparks first flew.


Letters to the Editor: Letters 5|07

Calabash: Places: We need your help.

Give us your aging, your threatened, your forgotten buildings.

Calabash: By the Numbers

Vital Statistics

Calabash: Scrap Yard: Does God Exist?

Victor Stenger, professor emeritus of physics and astronomy at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa, recently released a book, God: The Failed Hypothesis—How Science Shows That God...

Calabash: 7 Reasons to Get Out of the House


Calabash: Green Inside and Out

It makes sense: Kaua‘i’s first green building will be a world-class botanical research center.

Calabash: Food: Soy Story

A health-minded Manoa takeout restaurant wins tofu converts.

Calabash: Sports: Bowled Over

How decreasing profits and interest result in a sport striking out.

Calabash: Books: Lunch Quandary, Solved

Calabash: First Person: Chasing Netflix

Somewhere on O‘ahu, a movie company bustles through the night.

Calabash: Field Guide: ‘Aiea Heights Dr.

From old-school diners to new-wave bowling, this area is worth a stop.

Calabash: Shopping: Mother’s Day Gifts

Being a mom? Very difficult. Giving Mom presents on Sunday, May 13? Much easier, because all you have to give birth to are a few good ideas.

Calabash: Arts: Illuminate—The Moon Show

An exhibit shines light on Island contemporary art.

Calabash: Food: Milking It

Testing out a soy-milk maker for home kitchens.

Calabash: Isla Tango

Calabash: Sip: Coming Attraction

Calabash: Shop: Downtown’s New Boutique

Rafael has reopened, this time in Chinatown.

Calabash: Music Review

He Aloha…, Cody Pueo Pata, (Ululoa Productions)

From Our Files


Afterthoughts: Smells Like Fiasco

The plans for O‘ahu’s rail system are so screwy, even die-hard mass transit fans can’t get onboard with it.