March 2006


Letters - March

In Search of the Best

Our city offers world-class thinkers, as well as great plate lunches.

Culture: Honolulu Festival

The 12th annual Honolulu Festival dances into town March 10 to 12.

Heavy Metal

Don’t have the time? We searched the city to find the hottest men’s watches, from $120 to $3,800.


A piece of Mo'ili'ili history

Our Town: Kaimuki Typewriter Service

A 20th-century institution is still clacking away on King Street.

Scene: Koi

Taking their lead from L.A.’s hipster scene, the owners of Koi offer Honolulu a little something to change up the nightlife.

Your Tax Dollars Ticking Away

The Crystallized Moment

Time travel, roast chickens and the U.S. Census.

Music Review

Ka 'Upu Aloha, Aaron J. Sala, Hula Records

If These Sheets Could Talk

An exhibit and ongoing research shed light on kapa moe, Hawaiian sleeping cloths.

How to Let the Dogs Out

Tips for keeping your pooch happy and healthy during an outdoor excursion.

Media: Hello to Hallyu

Hawai‘i is crazy for Korean dramas, and even played a role in introducing them to Mainland audiences.

Mexican Revolution

Fresh fish, handmade tortillas, rib-eye carne asada—it’s a brave new world of Mexican food in Honolulu.

First Person: Identity Crisis

Resembling one of the world’s most popular filmmakers leads this writer to question the nature of celebrity.

Clipping Service - Shore about that?

Bill Thomas anticipates a Hawai'i visit in a Jan. 22 Washington Post column titled "A Shore Thing."


La'akea Suganuma

Nature: Plover Love

Hawai‘i’s kolea are taking flight for the North—but they’ll be back.

From Our Files - March

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