We come across a lot of cool new ideas. These two are both stylish and useful.

Briefcase in Disguise

photo: courtesy of Case Logic.

There are two kinds of people in this world: briefcase people and daypack people. But what are daypack people to do when they grow up and get white-collar jobs in offices with marble floors and Tizio desk lamps? That beloved old daypack just ain’t going to cut it.

Enter the "OfficeAnywhere," by Case Logic. This sleek, conservative number has the heart of a daypack and the mind of a briefcase: lots of easy-to-access, business-oriented compartments (including a padded one for your laptop), in a stylish, sturdy pack with ergonomic, padded shoulder straps. The front compartment holds smaller essentials like your cell, MP3 and hip flask, and there’s a little pocket for your biz cards. Everything is easier to get at because the pack has a firm, flat bottom, so it stands up as you use it. You can find the style, KLB15, at CompUSA ($89.99) or at ($79.99).

– Bill Harby

photo: courtesy of OXO.

Mango, to Go

With the heavenly fruit season (May through August) approaching fast, the minds of the mango faithful have turned to serious thoughts. How many friends can I hit up this year for mangoes? How many can I cockaroach before my neighbor notices? The truly blessed ask themselves, How many mangoes can I expect on my tree this season?

These questions have taken on a new urgency as the mangoes per capita ratio has fallen precipitously due to blanket bans on the trees in new housing developments. Thank goodness that OXO, the kitchen gadget company that makes stuff both cool enough for hipsters and serviceable enough for septuagenarians, has rolled out the mango splitter.

This simple device saves precious mango flesh (not to mention fingers) by allowing users to press down on a fresh mango and cleanly core the slippery seed. The result? Two crisply sliced halves that are easy to scoop out, less mess on the counter, and mo’ bettah mango for the masses. ($16 at The Compleat Kitchen and other kitchen-supply stores.)

– Alex Salkever