February 2004


Great Rides for Island Living

We test 10 of the hottest new vehicles in real world Honolulu traffic.

Not Another Dickey Roof!

Is “a Hawaiian sense of place” ruining local architecture?

18 Questions While You’re in the Dentist’s Chair

It’s National Dental Health Month. Really, you ought to appreciate it.


Letters to the Editor: Letters


Calabash: Water Hazards

Calabash: Operatunities

Calabash: The Making of a Drummer

Calabash: The Battle for Papa‘a Bay

Calabash: The Psychology of Hawaiian Drivers

Calabash: Air-Brained

Calabash: 20 Years Running

Calabash: Q+A Ata Edralin

Dining: The Honolulu Rush

When a restaurant opens in this town, it better be ready to rock

From Our Files

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Afterthoughts: The Ghosts of Advertising Past

The art of advertising as we know it was invented in the 1930s. Class envy and B.O. would never be the same.

Editor's Page: Hot Rides

What kind of vehicle gets you there?