August 2006


Chinatown Now

Beautiful Imperfection

When you’re building a $6 million dream home overlooking Kaneohe Bay, it is possible to make things too perfect. These homeowners avoided an overwhelming mansion by roughing things up alittle.

Nowhere Else to Go

How the state is using its detention home as a warehouse for mentally ill kids.

Wave Goodbye

Last call at Honolulu’s finest nightclub

Dammed for All Time?

?Small farms and rural lifestyles hang in the balance as Kaua‘i scrutinizes its aging dams.

Topping out on the Big Island

Can one father, one son and one SUV conquer two mountains—Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa—in a single day?


Chinatown Now

A Fresh Look

Koi Ozu turns ordinary items into funky art for the Honolulu Academy of Art’s Showcase 2006.

Working off the Baby Fat

Drop and give me 20 pacifiers! New moms bond and get back in shape at these classes.

Shopping: Honey, Be

We combed the stores for products worth buzzing over.

What’s in Storage

New self-storage centers try to set themselves apart with class.

How to Cook Washoku

Our Town

Ohta Wafer Factory

Compassion’s New Face

New solutions to helping the homeless can seem, at first glance, pretty radical. Is Hawai’i ready to embrace them?

From Our Files - August

HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific--chronicling the Islands since 1888.

Score a Deal in Waikiki

Clipping Service

Letters - August

A Mighty Wind

Maui is on the cutting edge of energy production with a new wind farm—so why isn’t everyone happy?

A Sweet Return

After a one-year break, the Ka Himeni Ana song contest is back.


The Outdoor Circle CEO Mary Steiner

Nature: Born to Run

It's halalu season—time to catch these small, tasty fish.

The Artists

HONOLULU Magazine says goodbye to one art director, and welcomes another.

On The Road with Roadshow

Is that an early-19th-century fainting couch? Fans might need it when they line up at the Convention Center this month, when Antiques Roadshow comes to Hawai’i.

Koa Canoe Blessing

By the Numbers

Music Review

Barefoot Natives, Barefoot Natives, Malama Pono Productions