April 2010




Everyone wants to know how much money everyone else makes—even more now given the gloomy economy. Take a look and find out how your paycheck stacks up.

Kailua Magazine 2010

Kailua Magazine 2010

Meet 11 of the town's artists, learn about new shops and restaurants and see what's to do in Kailua.

A Life in Fashion

A Life in Fashion

They do more than create apparel. They can see a bird and turn its colors into a fabric print. They can whip up costumes for an entire opera company. Meet the multitasking magicians we call fashion...

Dining: Nobu Doesn't Panic, Goes Organic

Dining: Nobu Doesn't Panic, Goes Organic

A visit with Nobu Matsuhisa, and a considerable entourage, at Waianae’s Mao Farm.


Letters to the Editor: Feedback

...on Hawaii's family court, Patsy Mink and global warming.

Exclusives Module: A Preview of Next Month's Issue

Introducing our May 2010 issue.

Calabash: Snip!

Learn how to care for a bonsai at the Pearl City Bonsai Club workshops.

Our Town: Two Legends: Frank Fasi and Bob Dye

The city lost two influential figures in February with the passing of former Mayor Frank Fasi and his city managing director—and also author and historian—Bob Dye.

Around Town: Things to Do in April in Hawaii

From the Merrie Monarch Festival to a windward triathlon, this is what's happening in April.

Sports: Out of the Park

Meet the local players who went to the big leagues.

Environment: Keiki Power

Knee-high volunteers are rewarded with their own private Kokua Festival.

From Our Files

April archives

Afterthoughts: Afterthoughts: McGarrett's Makeover

A reader requests we save CBS from a ratings fiasco. We’ll see what we can do.

Editor's Page: Editor's Page: Touchy Subject

Our first salary survey in five years hit nerves all over the city.