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“Crisis Court” Mar. 2010

What happens inside Hawaii’s Family Court? Writer Jana Wolff gained special access to find out.  

Wolff’s oh-so-accurate portrayal of Family Court of the First Circuit allows the readers to get to know the people who come to, and work in, the Oahu Family Court system. It’s spot on. I can say this as an attorney who practices exclusively in the hallways and courtrooms of Family Court, interacting on a daily basis with many of the literally thousands of Hawaii’s people who come (or are summoned) to this congested, stress-filled arena, and perhaps more importantly as one who was long ago personally part of the system on both the Juvenile and Adoption court calendars. “Awful things” do get “a little better,” as Judge Uale says at the end of the story, as a direct result of the passion, energy, effort, focus and determination of everyone involved in Family Court. Bravo for a brilliant effort, and might I be so bold as to suggest that your article be made required reading for anyone and everyone who is even thinking of heading to Family Court?


“Patsy Mink: Ahead of the Majority,” Mar. 2010

We spoke with Kimberlee Bassford on her documentary about Patsy Mink.

I am writing to let you know that my commemorative portrait of Patsy Mink has been selected in the 13th International Open by the Woman Made Gallery in Chicago. It would be wonderful if you could let the public know about this exhibition so that they, especially young women in Hawaii, can confirm the significance of the achievements of Mrs. Mink, and to be reminded of their own capacity for contributions to the betterment of the society. There is still much to be done urgently in all aspects of the present world, not to mention women’s status, and I believe women and men should become more aware of our potential in changing the world.


Editor’s note: Formerly of Honolulu, Aihara now lives in Ireland. Her portrait of Mink is in her “great women/human beings” series. 

“Two at the Top: Then and Now” Feb. 2010

After many years, dining columnist John Heckathorn felt it was high time to revisit two of Honolulu’s best-known restaurants, Alan Wong’s and Chef Mavro.

I enjoyed John Heckathorn’s return review of Alan Wong’s. He wrote, of course, about the food and wine with a brief word on décor. But there’s another aspect to the Alan Wong experience that makes it wonderful. I call it “restaurant theater.” With an open kitchen and superbly trained staff, watching the ordering, preparation and delivery of food, even the clearing of the tables, is great fun. The chef de cuisine in the center of the kitchen counter, the “expediter” on the dining room side and more than half a dozen white-clad specialty chefs (most wearing AW ball caps) have carried body language to a new level. It is a treat to sit and watch dedicated people who care seriously about their work.


“May Cooler Heads Prevail,” Feb. 2010

“I have strong opinions on the subject of global warming and will not bore you with them. My main annoyance on the debate is that for the most part it seems like it is a done deal and that anyone who even questions the validity of the crisis is either crazy or a complete moron. Kind of like in the old days when you would fall off the edge of the world if you sailed out too far.”   


Ahana koko lele
In our February story on TopDentists, a photo caption on Dr. Brian Kim was incorrect. It should have read: “Dr. Brian Kim and the Dental Samaritans do not currently work with the Hawaii Meth Project, but hope to in the future. The project raises awareness about meth use in the Islands.”