April 2007


Hawai‘i by Design

From signature stores to sophisticated hotels to ancient tattoo techniques, design is everywhere in Hawai‘i, challenging who we think we are.

Hawai‘i by Design - Advancing Architecture

In Hawai‘i architecture, new is good—whether it’s tapping the next generation of architects for fresh design ideas or figuring out a way to build houses before they ever get to the construction site.

Hawaii by Design - Designs for Living

Good design isn’t limited to buildings or houses. We shopped with this in mind, looking for clever local designers who create things worth sharing your life with.

The Day the Trees Cried



Our lives are starting to look like we’re on a Stanley Kubrick set, and, for me, it’s about time.

Designing Solutions

From toilet brushes to saving lives, good design speaks to who we are.

Food: Buying in Bulk

Sports: Tiny Mights

Two sisters defy expectations in the world of martial arts.

Letters 4|07

The Beach

Environment: Curbside Crux

A passed City Charter amendment might finally get curbside recycling rolling on O‘ahu.

7 Reasons to Get Out of the House


Music Review

Ka Hikina o ka Hau, Keola Beamer, (Dancing Cat Records)

Scrap Yard: What is marriage for?

In February, the state Legislature once again killed proposed bills that would have given civil union partners the same rights and responsibilities as married couples. We decided to take a step back and ask a more basic question. What is marriage for?

Q + A

The Freshman Rebel

The Six Rules of Brunch

Why does everyone, except me, love brunch?

From Our Files


Field Guide: Dillingham/Kapalama

The neighborhood sidling up to the Kapalama Canal looks rather industrial, but don’t let that scare you off.