50 First Dates: 145 Thoughts We Had While Watching “Love Is Blind” with Netflix Party

What better time to watch strangers get engaged without ever meeting face-to-face than while practicing social distancing ourselves?


love is blind

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Since we’re all stuck inside, a few members of the HONOLULU team (Marisa Heung, Katie Kenny, Brie Thalmann and Katrina Valcourt) grabbed some pau hana drinks and queued up Love Is Blind, Netflix’s original docu-series about single men and women who, without ever meeting face to face, get to know each other through a wall until they decide they want to spend the rest of their lives together and get engaged (usually after just a few dates).


A new browser extension for Chrome lets you sync up whatever you’re watching on Netflix with friends. It’s called Netflix Party, and all you have to do is download it, pick a show, send the link to your buddies and voilà—you’re streaming at the same time with a chat window running alongside your screen so you can share your thoughts as you watch.


Here are 145 thoughts we had while watching Season 1, Episode 1:


love is blind


BT: Omg this opening—so melodramatic.


MH: Where are they all looking?




BT: It DOES feel like the start to The Bachelor!


KV: How short is he?


MH: Wesley, come to Hawai‘i. There are plenty of short people here.


KV: Man, they are dressed up for never actually getting to see their dates.


BT: So many bodycon dresses! There must be a lotta Spanx going on!


KV: OK but they picked good looking people …


KK: This is very high tech. Is this a show from South Korea?


MH: Psh, it wishes it was The Masked Singer.


KV: I feel like this is too not serious, like they know they can cancel. I’d be like, sure I’ll do it, and boom I’m engaged. Then I see him and I’m like nahhh. What are you gonna do, sue me?


BT: Are there no Asian guys? They need blind love too!


KK: Yeah where are the Asians?


MH: I agree, needs more Asians. Maybe only one guy is allowed to have height issues.




KK: It seems that these people are actually regular lovely people so far. As in they’re not picked for drama. I may take this back later.


KV: It’s only been 10 minutes.


MH: Wow this is my ideal first date.


KV: No eye contact, lots of vodka.


love is blind


MH: I could be drunk, talk and play Pokémon at the same time.


KK: Have you seen Love Island? The Bachelor? Married at First Sight?


KV: I don’t watch shows like this ever.


MH: Me neither.


KK: Well the people on them are trainwrecks and it’s a bit hard to watch. These people seem like they would be people we know.


KV: Their “connection” is just that they’re both from Chicago. You could find that by dating people in Chicago.


love is blind


BT: Wait so do they all get to meet everyone or are they only paired up with certain people?


KV: I think they meet everyone.


MH: That guy wearing the suit ... why?


KK: Why’s he sitting like that?


MH: To assert his dominance.


KV: Wow, assuming she will cook for him, mmhmm.


MH: $10 he’s just doodling in his Moleskine.


BT: He wrote down SALMON! He is too low energy.


KK: I don’t see it with them.


MH: I wonder if there’s a time limit for how long the date goes.


BT: He was just the warmup.


MH: LOL this is not going well. THANK U, NEXT.


KV: This guy looks like a cuter Michael Phelps.


love is blind


BT: They look like they could be brother and sister!


MH: His eyes have no emotion.


BT: I like that he’s focusing on her and not just taking notes.


BT: Ooh no, Jessica is back.


MH: That's a great question: What’s the weirdest thing about you?


KK: Why is her voice becoming more babylike???


MH: She seems like the kind of lady who would send a cocktail back multiple times.


KV: This isn’t gonna happen. Her voice is NOT sexy.


MH: Clearly he has specific tastes.


BT: C’mon Cameron, down a Red Bull or something!


MH: Poor Diamond, the name wasn’t her choice.


KV: Haha I like Diamond, she’s got no time for this BS.


MH: She did not choose the Diamond life.


KK: Who is he?? He is mean but hilarious.


BT: Oh! He dug out!


love is blind


KV: I want them to fight over the guys.


BT: I would like to vote Jessica off the island.


MH: I don't understand the bald head + beard look.


KV: What if you're like NOPE to everyone?


BT: Hey this seems like a good match so far.


KK: Look at him pacing! He’s excited.


MH: How come only the women’s rooms have blankets? Oh no, jk. The men just don’t need them.


BT: Day 2 is casual dress day apparently.


MH: “You're Impressive as hell.” “I knooooooow!”


BT: They were smart to liquor everybody up.


KK: Why are all the guys in love with baby voice?


BT: #idontneedyoursperm


MH: Preach.


KV: “I love my family.” “I love my family too omg!” Ugh.


KK: Is she drunk?


MH: Most definitely.


KV: They’re both pretty drunk.


BT: OK reality check people, you are in two totally different life stages.


KV: There is alcohol in every shot of this show.




KK: Am I the only one noticing that with women she sounds normal and with men she’s babylike?


KV: She’s totally using a baby voice and I hate it.


MH: I feel like that’s not that odd. I’ve heard of the “girlfriend voice.”


KK: No but this is extreme.


MH: Dudes seem to be eating it up, though.


KV: The guys are totally spreading out, super chill, loving all the attention. The girls are still all cross legged and bundled up, nervous.


MH: ’Cause they’re wearing dresses and are freezing cold. I don’t trust this Cameron.


KV: Ugh, who says I love you on, what is this, Day 4?


BT: Whaaaaaattttt?




KK: No I think they think it.


KV: This is what being on TV does to you.


love is blind


MH: Definitely. Drunk.


KK: Look how red they are.


KV: You’re in the most controlled environment with no outside influences of any kind, no situational reactions, no deep connections.


BT: Omg I hope they make it!


MH: Ummm ... Lauren, you don’t know everything about him.


BT: All the producers are high fiving right now.


KV: I’m waiting for a bombshell to drop.


MH: Ohhh I wonder if any are divorced? There’s gotta be more.


KV: This is just like Catfish.


MH: There again with the wine.


KV: That was a BIG glass.


MH: He went through a pansexual phase? His big secret was gender fluidity.


KV: That’s not a big enough bombshell. I need more drama.


KK: Are we missing dates in between here??


KV: I sure hope so ’cause this is shallow as hell.


BT: Take off your love goggles, girl!


love is blind


MH: He reminds me of Oscar Isaac.


KK: Of all the girls ... the boys are gonna fight over Jessica?


MH: Da baby voice, guys. I'm going to try it on Ryan tonight.


KK: I’m going to do a phone call date and do a baby voice.


MH: Katie, just pretend you’re talking to your dog.


BT: Be careful, you might get engaged tonight.


KK: You’ll all be bridesmaids.


MH: I would be honored :')


BT: This show must be sponsored by a blanket company.


KV: What else do they do all day when they're not dating?


BT: Cameron reminds me of Serena Williams’ husband.


MH: Why do all these guys look like knockoff clones of famous actors?


KV: Omg this is emotional.


KK: Oh Jesus.


BT: Auggh he’s proposing! Team Laumeron!




MH: He looks like black market James McAvoy.


KK: I mean it’s weird as hell but I do kinda like them.


KV: They don’t even know what they’re like on the weekends. Like, I’m a totally different person on the weekends.


KK: I’m a totally different person at home! My Caucasian side comes out outside and then my Asian side comes out at home.


BT: Did she even get to talk to all the guys yet?


MH: In the words of my mom: “When you know, you know.”


KV: The girls are not happy for each other, those are fake hugs.


KK: “Are you mad at me?” “I’m so cute!”


KV: Thank goodness they’re having some kind of trouble. How they react is a big deal.


KV: Is he sleeping?


MH: Dude, with that much alcohol I’d be passed out mid sentence.


KK: I’m actually offended by her voice as a woman in 2020.


BT: “If there were no other girls I’d propose to you tomorrow”—wtf is that?


MH: Seriously, he knows how to compliment a girl.


KV: Who bought that ring?? Netflix?


BT: Holy cow, they’re about to meet? This moment must be so scary.


KK: I want to take a screenshot of his reaction.


MH: Yeah, I’d be nauseous too.


BT: She is gorgeous so she has nothing to worry about.


KK: No I mean he might become so intimidated by her.


KV: He’s like a large leprechaun in that green shirt.










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