You + Livefyre = Awesome

Awesome? Yes. Awesome.

I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to our friends over at Livefyre. What stemmed as a suggestion from my buddy Eric Nakagawa, has become an important part of how we want to communicate with you.

If you’re wondering what Livefyre is, here’s a bit about Livefyre from the guys at CrunchBase:

Livefyre is an embeddable live commenting and conversation platform that replaces your legacy commenting system. We’re rethinking how conversations across the entire web work by building a system that makes every conversation online aware of every other conversation’s existence. This allows conversations around the web to share data, and creates a massive central pipeline of high quality conversation and commentary. Even better, we’re doing it all in real-time, which means instantaneous comment posts, lighting fast search of conversations happening around the web, and a powerful recommendation engine that drives traffic to your site’s content simply based on the topics you post about.

In addition to shifting the thinking about how conversations happen online in general, Livefyre is introducing a number of firsts into the conversation ecosystem, including conversation check-ins, real-time game mechanics, and a revolutionary moderation and reputation system.

We’re hoping that Livefyre will change the way you interact with our content. Hold live conversations with the nonstop crew, connect with fellow blog lurkers, ask questions, give props and build your online rep. We think it has promise.

Livefyre is currently in private beta, meaning there’s lots of testing, tweaking and re-shuffling of features, but it also means that we’re one of the lucky few who have the chance to utilize a tool early in the game.

We know there’s been some hiccups over the past couple days, but rest assured, JKretch and the Livefyre crew will make commenting a happy place once again. We want to hear from you! Are you a commenter? Are you a lurker? Do you prefer simple commenting or threaded discussions? Does design and user interface have anything to do with how you comment? Let’s get a Livefyre conversation going!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or if you’re having any trouble and CAN’T comment, shoot me an e-mail at john at or send us a contact message and I’d be happy to help you out.