Yogur Story: Brunch in Honolulu

Red velvet waffle

Complain and you shall receive. I’ve heard people complain about there not being enough brunch options in Honolulu, but lately, a number of places have opened accommodating late-risers’ weekend breakfast schedule, even if that means 3 p.m. … or beyond. One of the most popular: Yogur Story. At first, Yogur Story, as you might gather from the name, tried to capitalize on the self-serve frozen yogurt trend. But it has since morphed into a chic bi-level brunch spot, and the frozen yogurt has been pushed into a corner, literally. 

The toppings bar is minimized and the dessert case gone. But that doesn't mean Yogur Story has given up on sweets. Rather, there's a whole waffle menu that does for waffles what Cinnamon's in Kailua does for pancakes. So that means a red velvet waffle with taro cream cheese, chocolate sauce and a red velvet crumble; a Dulce de Leche waffle with pecan pretzel crunch, caramel, caramelized banana and whipped cream; and Strawberries and Cream, a strawberry waffle with cheesecake chunks, raspberry sauce, creme anglaise and fresh strawberries.

The Oinker

It all sounds fun, but in reality, it's a bit too sweet of a breakfast for me. I prefer The Oinker, which is just as over-the-top as the waffles, but in a savory way. It's their Fat Pig fried rice, which includes bacon, ham and pork adobo, topped with two eggs and a side of Portuguese sausage. Oh, and there's chicharrones on top, too. It's actually more civilized than it sounds.

The banh mi isn't much of a banh mi (where's the pate spread?) but it's a decent chicken curry sandwich with a carrot mango slaw and sriracha mayo.

It’s not a bad place to spend a weekend morning (or afternoon—brunch is served until 5 p.m. and waffles served all day), with a cheerful hum of people, bright and relaxed enough to read the Sunday paper over brunch.

Yogur Story, 815 Keeaumoku St., 942-0505. Open from 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.