Who’s coming: Eat the Street Black Saturday

This month’s Eat the Street will be an eating and shopping affair, with 29 food trucks or street food vendors and 11 retail vendors converging in Kaka’ako for five hours of food and fun.

The event — which takes place on Saturday, instead of the normal last Friday of the month — was planned so people don’t have to deviate too far off the shopping path, says organizer Poni Askew. Retail vendors include Drift Clutches & Handbags, Wanko Wanko (t-shirt scarves), Peaches N’ Cream, Lupes South Pacific Collection, Freelance Clothing, Genuine Guava, Mighty Eighty: Eight, Miki Nola, One One Jewelry, Kings of KauKau and Light Sleepers (selling t-shirts).

As part of this month’s theme, all participating food vendors will offer a menu item that’s $5 or less, along with regular dishes. Four new trucks join the mix, including India Cafe, Kai’s Pasteles, KavaBoy and Korean Fresh Grill.

When: Saturday, Nov. 26 from 4-9 p.m.
Where: 555 South St. in Kaka’ako (at Halekauwila, kitty-corner from Restaurant Row)
Admission: Free

Here’s the lineup:

All Kine Ice Cream Truck

Contact: 808-635-9987; @allkine (Twitter); All Kine Ice Cream Truck on Facebook

On the menu: Ice cream cookie sandwiches; brownie-marshmallow sundae; Bananas Foster; ice cream cones

Special $5 or less item: Chocolate fondue with whipped cream; Three skewers: Marshmallow, pound cake and strawberry

Malama Card discount: $2 for scoop and cone


Aloha Ice Cream Tricycle

Contact: 808-286-4699; @AlohaTricycle (Twitter); alohatricycle.com

On the menu: Holiday flavor is vanilla bean candy cane

Special $5 or less item: A selection of mini pops in four of our most popular flavors: La cucaracha coconut, pineapple li-hing, chocolate toffee and pineapple coconut

Malama Card discount: Buy two Aloha Pops and get a free tasty-mini pop


Beyond Burgers

Contact: beyondburgers@gmail.com; Beyond Burgers Honolulu on Facebook

On the menu: Slider burger (our home-seasoned quarter-pound Kulana beef patty topped with caramelized onions, our homemade BBQ sauce and other custom toppings; bacon-wrapped hotdog served with our own seasoned onion/bell pepper medley and a garlic aioli sauce; homemade strawberry lemonade and watermelon lemonade; iced tea

Special $5 or less item: BBQ pulled pork slider topped with our homemade coleslaw

Malama Card discount: $1 off drinks. Limit three per card



Contact: 808-591-7711; Bobalicious Boba Drinks on Facebook

On the menu: Honeydew, strawberry, mocha and li hing pineapple bubble drinks for $4

Special $5 or less item: Hot dog waffle dog and mozzarella cheese waffle dog, both for $3

Malama Card discount: Buy any menu item, receive the second for half price


Chicago Eatz

Contact: 808-482-0493; @ChicagoEatz (Twitter); Chicago Eatz on Facebook

On the menu: Full-size, Vienna Italian beef sandwiches; Full-size Kronos gyros

Special $5 or less item: Cubbies-size Kronos gyros; Vienna Italian beef; & Vienna Chicago dogs — choose two for $5

Malama Card discount: Free drink with any purchase


Cooking Fresh For You

Contact: 808-594-8224; cookingfreshforyou.com

On the menu: Tex Mex quinoa salad with tomato-basil dressing, Asian Persuasion nachos, Thai beef salad, Michi’s sirloin steak plate

Special $5 or less item: Insane Stix: jumbo prawn stix with garlic cilantro sauce ($1.75 for one, mix and match $3 for two); Southeast Asian pork sausage stix ($1.75 for one, mix and match $3 for two)

Malama Card discount: Free drink with any $5 purchase



Contact: www.fairycakeshawaii.com; @fairycakes808 (Twitter)

On the menu: Whoopie pies; lemon bars; other desserts

Special $5 or less item: One Whoopie Doo, one mini brownie bite and one lemon bar bite

Malama Card discount: Buy four Whoopie pies, get one free


Grandma G’s Kitchen

Contact: 808-542-2042; has booth at various farmer’s markets around Oahu

On the menu: Corn chowder; veggies & dip; other Grill’T sandwiches

Special $5 or less item: Grill’T Kalua pork sandwich

Malama Card discount: Buy two Grill’T sandwiches, receive $1 off


Hawaii’s Fried Musubi

Contact: 808-391-3835; @friedmusubiHI (Twitter), Hawaii’s Fried Musubi on Facebook; see Catherine Toth’s blog about Hawaii’s Fried Musubi

On the menu: Hawaiian-style ahi musubi and Mama’s fried chicken combo; spicy bomb musubi & chicken combo; classic Spam musubi & chicken combo; fried desserts; plantation iced tea

Special $5 or less item: Mama’s fried chicken (3-4 pieces for $5); chocolate-covered fried Spam or bacon ($4)

Malama Card discount: Free bottle water with combo purchase


Hokulani Bake Shop

Contact: 808-536-2253 (Restaurant Row location); hokulanibakeshop.com; Hokulani Bake Shop on Facebook

On the menu: TBD

Special $5 or less item: TBD

Malama Card discount: TBD


Hula Shrimp Co.

Contact: Hulashrimp@yahoo.com

On the menu: TBD

Special $5 or less item: TBD

Malama Card discount: TBD


India Cafe (new to Eat the Street)

Contact: 262-1800; indiacafehawaii.com; @IndiaCafeHawaii (Twitter); India Cafe Curry Factory on Facebook

On the menu: Chicken tikka masala platter with chana masala (chick peas); raita salad vegetarian platter with spicy eggplant, chana masala and/or okra curry; curry pork plate with coconut cabbage and raita salad

Special $5 or less item: South Indian chicken curry bowl ($5); vegetarian curry bowl ($5)

Malama Card discount: Buy a plate, get a free extra veggie entree


Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza

Contact: 808-375-1200; infernospizzahawaii.com; @infernopizzahi (Twitter)

On the menu: Pizza slices: Baby portabella with white trufle oil; shinsato guava-smoked pork with Maui onion

Special $5 or less item: All slices $5 or less

Malama Card discount: Buy three slices of pizza, get a free drink


Kai’s Pasteles (new to Eat the Street)

Contact: 720-515-5247; Kai’s Pastele Shop on Facebook

On the menu: Pastele taco; pastele burrito; pastele chimichanga; pastele nachos; pastele; pastele stew; gandule rice; bacalao salad

Special $5 or less item: 5 for $5 pupu special: Two pastele tacos; small nachos & a drink; cheese quesadilla with bacalao salad; pastele & gandule rice; panadija

Malama Card discount:


KavaBoy (new to Eat the Street)

Contact: 808-256-KAVA; kavaboy.com

On the menu: Kava Oreo cream cheese pops; kava brownies; kava mochi crunch; plain/flavored kava drinks

Special $5 or less item: Kava chili and cornbread

Malama Card discount: Buy one flavored kava drink, get the second drink free


Korean Fresh Grill (new to Eat the Street)

Contact: 310-849-9311; @KFreshGrill (Twitter); Korean Fresh Grill on Facebook

On the menu: Korean BBQ tacos; burritos, cilantro-lime rice plates; sliders (all with choice of Korean BBQ steak, BBQ chicken or grilled fish)

Malama Card discount: TBD


Lava Wok

Contact: Lava Wok on Facebook

On the menu: Garlic fries or cheese fries; grilled pork skewer and egg rolls; soy milk in a bag

Special $5 or less item: Chicken nuggets & fries combo $5

Malama Card discount: Buy two bags of soy milk, get one free


Le Crepe Cafe

Contact: 808-988-8400; www.lecrepecafe.com; @lecrepecafe (Twitter); Le Crepe Cafe Hawaii on Facebook

On the menu: Crepes filled with various sweet and savory fillings

Special $5 or less item: Cranberry Craze ($4), with cranberry compote, brown sugar, melted butter and crushed pecans

Malama Card discount: Buy two crepes, get the third at half off


Lickety Split

Contact: 808-227-6499; Lickety Split Oahu on Facebook

On the menu: Vanilla soft-serve sundaes in cones

Special $5 or less item: Cups and cones ($3); sundaes ($5)

Malama Card discount: 50 cents off banana royale


Local STOP

Contact: @localstop (Twitter); Local Stop on Facebook

On the menu: Pastele stew and andule rice; malasada burgers

Special $5 or less item: Panedesia ($3)

Malama Card discount: $1 off malasada burger


Luscious Desserts

Contact: 808-371-0802; luscioussweets@hawaii.rr.com

On the menu:

Special $5 or less item: Chocolate banana cupcake with banana buttercream; lush cup cookie; lilikoi pie bar

Malama Card discount:


Madre Chocolate

Contact: 808-377-6440; madrechocolate.com

On the menu: Various chocolates

Special $5 or less item: $5 pupu: Choco-Coco-Banana (chocolate-dipped Big Island apple bananas, rolled in toasted Maui coconut)

Malama Card discount: Purchase five bars, receive $5 discount



Contact: 808-354-2949; www.onopops.com; @OnoPops (Twitter); OnoPops on Facebook

On the menu: Various flavors of Onopops

Special $5 or less item: Onopops in white chocolate pomegranate, organic white chocolate and Waimanalo pomegranates swirl

Malama Card discount: 50 cents off any Onopop


Paul’s Poppers

Contact: 808-351-7583; Paul’s Poppers on Facebook; paulspoppers.com

On the menu: Spinach and artichoke popper; cheddar cheese burger; and our new bacon macaroni and cheese popper

Special $5 or less item: Turkey, jalapeno cheddar cheese popper

Malama Card discount: Buy two orders of poppers, get $1 off your purchase


Shogunai Tacos

Contact: shogunaitacos.com; @Shogunai_Tacos (Twitter); Shogunai Tacos on Facebook

On the menu: Jeju nachos; Osaka Jo taco; Seoul food taco

Special $5 or less item: Porky Pig nachos; Texas chili nachos

Malama Card discount: Free drink with purchase of a combo


Simply Ono

Contact: 808-728-0441

On the menu: Smoked meat with onions; lobster bisque; seared ahi with sesame wasabi shoyu sauce (pending availability); spicy ahi poke bowl (pending availability); warm bread pudding with creamy vanilla sauce

Special $5 or less item: Baked macaroni & cheese (pancetta, fire-roasted red peppers, edamame and mascarpone cheese)

Malama Card discount: Free muesli


Soul Patrol

Contact: 808-735-7685; pacificsoulhawaii.com; @pacificsoul (Twitter); Soul Patrol on Facebook

On the menu:

Special $5 or less item: Carolina pulled pork slider on buttermilk biscuit (two for $5)

Malama Card discount: $1 off $11 or more; $2 off $22 or more; $3 off $33 or more


Tiki Truck

Contact: @tikitruck (Twitter); Tiki Truck on Facebook

On the menu: TBD

Special $5 or less item: TBD

Malama Card discount: TBD


Xtreme Tacos

Contact: 808-954-5477; www.xtremetacos.com; @xtremetacos (Twitter); Xtremetacos on Facebook

On the menu: Xtreme Taco Sampler

Special $5 or less item: Ceviche shooter; mini nachos

Malama Card discount: 5 percent off purchase $10 or more


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