What Color You Like? Da Secret Meaning of Shave Ice

What does your favorite shave ice flavor reveal about you?


Back in da day, small kid time in Hawai‘i, we used to order shave ice not by what flavor we like, but by what color. So if da shave ice guy asked what flavor we wanted, we would just tell, red or whatever color. Back in da day we could do that cuz only had five flavors. So red wuz pretty much always strawberry. But nowdays red can be anykine, so no can order by just da color any more.


As adults we tink we selecting our shave ice based on FLAVOR, but our favorite COLOR shave ice from childhood still unconsciously influences our shave ice decision-making. For da purposes of this personality test, try decide what color is da shave ice you get MOST FREQUENTLY. Then read on for see what your favorite shave ice says about you.



Strawberry, Tiger’s Blood, etc.


Normally we tink of red as lucky, but not for shave ice, cuz it’s so common. This is probably da most ubiquitous of all da colors of shave ice. Lotta restaurants might only get strawberry. Da shave ice wagon man once told me Tiger’s Blood is probably his most popular flavor cuz kids always dare each other to get it. So I asked him what does it taste like? and he said kinda like strawberry. Lol.


Though red shave ice is so popular, I sorry for say that if you love red shave ice, das means you are one very boring person, not unlike Glenn Miyashiro. You probably like vanilla ice cream too. Putting vanilla ice cream with your red shave ice no make you jazzy. That just makes you doubly boring. You live life by da book and you follow all da rules. You get super annoyed when people mix up you’re and your. Why you so anal?


Vanilla, blue bubblegum, blue raspberry, etc.


Blue is da color of da sky and da ocean. If you love blue shave ice, chances are you love ocean sports and you love being outdoors. Generally you one pretty mellow and easygoing person. Hardly anyting makes you mad. Usually you just shake it off and tell, Whatevahs. You are like water, brah. You kinda just go with da flow.



Lemon, banana, pineapple, etc.


This is da brightest of all da colors. If you gravitate towards yellow shave ice das means you like for stand out; you enjoy being da center of attention. You love telling stories and you enjoy having your picture taken. Most likely you get one strong social media presence. And you keep track of it all. I know you downloaded da Follow Cop app. You get mad ah, when somebody unfollows you. Ooooo, who da buggah?!


Lime, green apple, melon, green tea, etc.


In general colorology, green represents money, but for shave ice colors, green means nature. And if you like green shave ice, you are one force of nature. You pursue your passions and you get one strong sense of how we should care for da world to make ’em one mo’ bettah place. You no make decisions just based on money. Sadly I dunno too many politicians nowdays who get green shave ice.


Orange, mango, lilikoi, etc.


Orange could be da color of da sunset or maybe da sunrise. Either way, you enjoy things like these cuz you one person who lives in da moment. You super mindful of da now and you long for have intense kine experiences. You prefer traveling over da accumulation of stuff. But getting through life presents its challenges for you. It’s kinda one ironic twist of fate. You don’t wanna buy stuff to buy stuff, but in order to get more Hawaiian Miles to travel, you forced for buy more stuff. Lol. And so das your perpetual dilemma. Life can be cruel, no?


Grape and I dunno what else


Purple is one mystery. Da rarest of all da colors. No mo’ too many purple kine shave ices. I heard people talking that maybe get ube, taro or lavender flavors. But I dunno if das for real or what. As one purple person, you wanna know; you get one strong need to fill in da blanks. You love reading and learning about new tings. You get one strong thirst for knowledge. I bet you use Google for look up stuff at least 10 times a day. In fact, I bet you looking ’em up right now, if anyplace in Hawai‘i really get ube shave ice. Cuz that sounds good, yeah.


Cotton candy, guava, watermelon, etc.


Pink, das da color of da Pink Palace in Waikīkī. If you love pink shave ice, I can see you as being da type who enjoys staying at hotels cuz you love being pampered. Some might even say you’re small kine spoiled. Garanz ballbaranz you either tried or wanna try getting one of those fancy pedicures where little fishies eat all da dead skin off your feet. Now you know wea da phrase “tickle me pink” comes from. Lol.


Root beer, chocolate, etc.


Da color of da ‘aina. If you like da earthiest of da colors, then chances are you’re one person das pretty rugged. You enjoy working with your hands. You enjoy working da land. You one tough buggah, brah. You work hard and you enjoy da simple life. Outta all da colors, you da most likely for carry around one pocket knife with you at all times. Da rest of your tools stay in your truck or in your purse.


Lychee, coconut, yuzu, white cake etc.


White is da most exotic of all da shave ice colors. If you love white shave ice, das means you love tings that are new and uncommon. You love following fashion. How many limited edition Fitted caps you get, Brandon Hagio? You love going to da latest new restaurants and trying out all kine fancy froufrou kine foods. All your friends know already, they no can eat until you take your pictures for IG first. So just hurry up already.

Just ice

No color cuz no syrup


I know mostly kids who get just da shave ice with no syrup. But I do know couple adults too. If you prefer plain ice sans da syrup, das means you pure. You believe we live in one world das good and you see da best in people. And we love that about you. But you also no more one strong concept of money, cuz your plain ice just costed da same as da regular shave ice with da syrup! Mo’ bettah you save money, stay home and chew on one ice cube next time.


Any two colors


If you like two colors, you could combine it and your reading would be for those two colors you chose. So you could say you get attributes from both those two colors. But to me, you just Rainbow in denial, brah.


Red, blue and yellow blended


You like pretty tings. You like pretty boys. You like pretty girls. Whatever it is, you pretty much go for looks. You love cute characters and probably like for collect Disney or Sanrio kine stuffs. You even buy multiples. One Hello Kitty notepad for keep and one for actually use.


Rainbow is also da flavor of choice for people who no can decide what for get. In real life you probably like that too. When people ask you where you like eat, most da time you no can choose. So you tell, I dunno, where do you wanna go? And you reject da oddah person’s 10 suggestions! Ho, some nerve you get. #owowlaulau