What $10 Gets You: Ala Moana Center

It’s lunchtime and you’re hungry. What are your options?
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Frolic’s new series sent team members to all corners of Ala Moana Center. Their mission: Satisfy lunchtime hunger pangs with $10 before tax. Here’s what they got.

Thomas Obungen’s lunch

pork katsu sandwich

What: Tonkatsu sandwich
Where: Rokkaku Hamakatsu
Where’s that: Mall level between Genki Sushi and Victoria’s Secret
Price: $9, takeout only

What’s in it: A luxe made-to-order pork tenderloin katsu with choice of miso or original tonkatsu sauce, mustard and shredded cabbage on fluffy Japanese shokupan bread, no crust


Erika Huang’s lunch

jollibee for $10

What: Spaghetti + Chicken Joy + peach mango pie
Where: Jollibee
Where’s that: Makai Market Food Court
Price: $7.49 Chicken Joy set without drink, $2.49 pie

What’s in it: Filipino spaghetti with a piece of crispy, golden-brown Chickenjoy (choose spicy or mild). Omit the accompanying fountain drink or Jollibee’s famous pineapple juice, save $1 and use it toward a deep-fried peach mango pie


Mari Taketa’s lunch

cheesecake factory for $10

What: Large salad
Where: Cheeseburger Factory
Where’s that: Makai Market Food Court
Price: $9.50

What’s in it: Everything you can pile onto a dine-in plate or takeout bowl from the salad bar: salad greens, watercress, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, chickpeas, kidney beans, corn, bean sprouts, hard-boiled eggs, olives, jalapenos, sunflower seeds, raisins, croutons, mac salad, spaghetti salad, jap chae noodles, mandarin oranges


Gregg Hoshida’s lunch

shirokiya sukiyaki bento

What: Sukiyaki bento
Where: Gourmet Plaza Japan
Where’s that: Shirokiya Japan Village Walk
Price: $8.98

What’s in it: Everything you would find in traditional sukiyaki: thin slices of beef, shiitake and enoki mushrooms, tofu, won bok, rice and accompaniments


Kelli Shiroma’s lunch

What: Poke bento + cookie
Where: Foodland Farms
Where’s that: Street level across Shirokiya Japan Village Walk
Price: $7.99 bento, $1.99 cookie

What’s in it: Your choice of brown or white rice with furikake, one piece of fried chicken and one scoop of any poke that’s $12.99 per pound or less like spicy ‘ahi, shoyu ‘ahi or shoyu ‘ahi limu. Use your Maika‘i card to get a slight discount on a cookie from the bakery case


Emma Shi’s lunch

iyasume for $10

What: Unagi-egg-Spam musubi + oden
Where: Musubi Cafe Iyasume
Where’s that: The Lanai food court
Price: $3.88 musubi, $4.74 assorted oden by the piece

What’s in it: Kabayaki-glazed unagi on top of dashimaki sweet egg on top of Spam musubi, hard-boiled egg and other oden items simmered in a light dashi broth


Mari Taketa’s second lunch

taco sampler

What: Mini taco sampler
Where: Senor Pepe
Where’s that: Makai Market Food Court
Price: $9.95

What’s in it: Three small Mexican street-style tacos with choice of fillings plus tortilla chips