Usher in the Year of the Ox the Chinese Way

(Sponsored) Chinese New Year is Feb. 12 this year, and Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant has you covered.


Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant Exterior

Photo: Courtesy of HAWAI‘I Magazine



The Year of the Metal Rat (which, according to, would be “quite challenging, especially health-wise, but also financially, with obstacles, impediments and unpredictable situations”—how did they know?) has almost run its course, and I believe I speak for us all when I say thank goodness for that.


The Year of the Metal Ox begins on Feb. 12 of this year (and—fingers crossed—it’s predicted to be a lucky one, with no catastrophic events), and the best way to ring in the new year has always been with family, at a Chinese restaurant, filling up on course after course of traditional dishes to bring good luck.



Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant in Ala Moana Center is offering just that (minus the family, that’s on you) with a Chinese New Year dine-in special available from this Friday, Feb. 5, through the end of the month. The eight-course meal ($188 for a table of five) is served family style and includes lucky dishes such as whole fish, jai and tangyuan (sweet mochi balls). One day of advance notice is required, but I suggest making your reservation well ahead of time before spots fill up.


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