Try Hawai‘i’s Newest Whiskey at Maui Brewing Co.

(Sponsored) Kupu Spirits, a brand extension of the Neighbor Island brewery, is celebrating the launch of its new whiskey with a commemorative cocktail and special dessert.



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Considered one of the largest independent craft breweries in Hawai‘i, most of us are already familiar with Maui Brewing Co., but its child brand, Kupu Spirits, may not be a household name … yet. At just three years old, don’t let the brand’s age fool you: Its gin, white whiskey—the unaged form of traditional whiskey—and three ready-to-drink canned craft cocktails are already award-winning drinks of the U.S. Open Whiskey and Spirits Championship and American Distilling Institute Conference.


Maui Brewing Co Honey Toast Kupu Whiskey

Photo: Courtesy of Maui Brewing Co.



Kupu Spirits debuted the newest member of its boozy collection, a rye-and-bourbon-blend whiskey, on World Whiskey Day, May 15. Interested in a taste? Head to an on-island Maui Brewing Co. restaurant (there’s one in Waikīkī and one in Kailua) to order it neat, as a shot or mixed in a cocktail, specifically the Ko‘olau Cruiser, a promotional cocktail created just for the occasion. Or, better yet, order the special commemorative dessert—honey toast drizzled with a Kupu whiskey caramel sauce—which pairs perfectly with a shot of Kupu whiskey.


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