This Tiny Factory in Honolulu Makes Homemade Korean Mandoo

Pick up some mandoo from Omega Mandoo House for your next potluck.
Photo: Kawehi Haug

When we think about picking up something for dinner, we don’t typically want to both pick up dinner and then go home and cook it too. That sort of defeats the purpose. The exception: when we find something we can pick up, only sort of cook and then pass off as our own. Let someone else do the hard stuff, and you take all the credit? Yes, please.


We know just the thing. The perfect addition to your next family potluck. The ideal complement to a party pūpū platter. Because who wouldn’t be impressed with a platter of homemade mandoo, stuffed just right with tender chicken and vegetables so the palm-size dumplings are full and satisfying, but not bursting at the seams (that would be a rookie move, for sure)?


The ladies at Omega Mandoo House on Nu‘uanu Avenue have transformed the little corner spot from a sketchy cigarette kiosk into a legitimate mandoo factory where they spend hours every day filling, folding and par-cooking mandoo. All to make you look good. All you have to do is show up, tell them whether you want a bag of 20 or 40 mandoo, go home and finish them off, and then tell everyone that, yes, you’re that good. No one has to know.


In addition to the chicken and veggie, Omega Mandoo also makes a killer kim chee mandoo. The mandoo can be steamed, pan fried or deep fried. Or our favorite way to cook them up: shallow fried in a cast-iron pan.


Omega Mandoo House, 1327 Nu‘uanu Ave., full bags of 40 pieces $25 to $35, half bags of 20 pieces $14 to $20, 523-9324


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