This Frozen Fruit Treat is Just Bananas

Young entrepreneurs offer farm-to-food truck experience.
The trio: banana, liliko‘i and ginger mint.


When something hits all the right marks for all the right reasons—we can satisfy a craving while being healthy, caring for the earth, supporting our own local Island farmers, putting cash back into the pockets of home-grown business entrepreneurs while not breaking our own bank accounts—then yeah, we’ll take a bowl of whatever they’re scooping up.


Out of a food truck on Monsarrat Avenue, four Punahou grads recently back in the Islands after finishing college on the Mainland are making what they’ve dubbed “Banan.” Banan, which is also the name of the company, is a soft-serve-like dessert made from one thing: frozen, local bananas. The frozen bananas are processed into what amounts to a super thick, scoopable smoothie. No added sugar or dairy. Just creamy scoops of frozen bananas. The pure banana base can then be flavored by the addition of other fruits and herbs, including liliko‘i (seasonal), papaya, ginger, mint and basil, and then topped with honey, coconut flakes, fresh fruit and puffed quinoa. Our favorite combination? Plain banana, drizzled with honey and topped with puffed quinoa. And, though we’d never tell the Banan boys this, we may have found ourselves daydreaming about dipping a peanut butter cookie in our banana-honey-quinoa bowl.


Get the Banan three ways: a scoop in a bowl for $5, a boat—a mondo scoop in a half papaya—for $7 or a bowl, a big serving of the stuff served with sliced bananas and puffed quinoa, for $9. Banan also sells cold-pressed juices and awa tea.


Bonus: Banan doesn’t melt into a drippy, milky mess, because bananas at room temperature are just … bananas.


Banan food truck, 3212 Monsarrat Ave., $5 to $9 for the Banan, $7 to $8 for juice and tea,


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