The Top 18 Real Estate Articles of 2018: Readers’ Choice

Mansions filled with professional surfers, walkable neighborhoods, iconic movie and TV homes, a royal residence for sale—here are your most-read O‘ahu real estate articles, guides and blogs this year.


1. Iconic Magnum P.I. Robin’s Nest Has Just Been Demolished

April 2018


One of Hawai‘i’s most famous estates comes down just as “Magnum, P.I.” is about to make a comeback.

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2. North Shore’s Surf Row: Where The Pro Surfers Live

November 2013

North Shore


We road-tripped to the North Shore of O‘ahu to take a neighborly peek over the surf world’s most expensive fences.

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3. Q&A: How to Calculate Property Tax on Home in Hawai‘i

May 2013


A reader asks how to calculate real property taxes on a home in Hawai‘i.

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4. Love Historic Homes? Check Out This 1920s Kaimukī Plantation Cottage For Sale

November 2018



It may be tiny, but this renovated 90-year-old home has a lot of charm.

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5. Is Your House in a Flood Zone? Here’s How You Can Find Out

October 2016

Flood zone


Flood maps matter.

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6. The Best Real Estate Professionals in Hawai‘i 2018

May 2018



Buying a home in Hawai‘i might be the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Get expert help from the top agents and brokers listed here.

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7. The Queen’s Former Property at Hakipu‘u Is For Sale

July 2018


This historic home was built in 1941 on land once owned by Queen Kapi‘olani.

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8. Snag These Affordable Ala Wai Apartments That Used to Be Military Housing

April 2018

Ala Wai


The Commodore Waikīkī condo conversion has been a great success—and only a handful of units remain available.

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9. Top 10 Most Expensive Home Sales on O‘ahu in 2017

January 2018

Diamond Head


Spoiler alert: Almost all were condos.

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10. Wake Up to a Waterfall at this Family Heirloom Estate in Honolulu

May 2018



All the perks of a Neighbor Island estate, but only 10 minutes from downtown Honolulu.

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11. O‘ahu’s 10 Most Expensive Homes

August 2018

Expensive homes


Each of these is a striking opportunity—if you can afford it.

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12. Before & After: How This Woodlawn Home Went From Simple to Stunning

March 2018

Before and after


A Mānoa restoration gone right.

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13. This Is How Much You Need to Make Per Hour to Rent a Two-Bedroom in Hawai‘i

June 2018



Or, why so many of your friends are moving to Oregon.

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14. What’s a CPR?

November 2011



Real estate terminology of the day.

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15. O‘ahu’s Most Walkable Neighborhoods

December 2018



New Kaka‘ako is king, but Diamond Head, Kailua and Wai‘alae are also easy to get around on two feet.

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16. This Spacious Waimānalo Home For Sale Is Great for Entertaining

November 2018



This nine-bedroom beachfront home is near where the original Magnum P.I. often swam.

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17. You Could Have Your Very Own Ossipoff for 3.2 Million Dollars

February 2018



A midcentury masterpiece comes on the market for the first time.

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18. 3 Places on O‘ahu Where You Can Live the Resort Lifestyle

February 2018

Resort life


Make every day a vacation at these oceanside villas.

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