Wellness Practices Once Deemed Fringe Are Now Mainstream

From IV treatments to breath classes, people across Hawai‘i are finding their happiness.


Whether it’s the pandemic or the myriad other things going on in the world, we’ve changed our thinking about what wellness means and how to achieve it. No longer is self-care a massage or hours at the gym—the focus now is on healing from the inside. The ultimate goal? Happiness.


To that end, certain practices that were once labeled as fringe are now marketed to the mainstream. And it’s working. Many of us know someone (or are that someone) who keeps a Himalayan salt lamp by their bedside (it’s said to boost the mood and improve sleep) or uses smudge sticks to rid a new abode of bad energy.


Drip Spa

Photo: Courtesy of Drip Hawai‘i


At Drip Hawai‘i, a luxurious IV lounge and lifestyle medical spa at ‘Alohilani Resort Waikīkī Beach, IVs deliver nutrients directly into clients’ bloodstreams. You can boost for aesthetic purposes, libido health, immunity and more. Vitaflow Wellness, another lifestyle medical spa in Kailua, also offers IV infusions, including one designed specifically for optimizing overall health, hydration and happiness. Then there’s IV Drip & Meditation, Vitaflow’s monthly special event in collaboration with Hot Yoga Hawai‘i, which includes a guided meditation, an “immunflow” IV drip, B12 skinny shot and an antioxidant scan.


Many practices at the forefront of the movement skew more spiritual than scientific. At Yoga Room Hawai‘i, a studio in Kaimukī, regularly scheduled classes focus on self-love and self-care, while special events and workshops push the boundaries even further. Take, for example, Cosmic Activation: Yoga + Ecstatic Dance + Sound Healing + Light Language, led by sound alchemists Noelani Love and Kamalei Ah Chung, which incorporates crystal alchemy bowls, didgeridoo, mantra and light language. There’s also the high-energy Shakti Flow with a live deejay. The breathwork class, described by attendees as intense and even life-changing, teaches how to connect with your breath as a way to heal and achieve inner peace (HONOLULU editorial director Diane Seo is a devotee of this one).


At Still & Moving Center, a 6,000-square-foot mindful movement and yoga studio in Kaka‘ako, you’ll find classes, coaching and bodywork inspired by global cultures. Think aerial yoga, Afro-fusion dance and Ayurveda consultations, both in person and virtually.


Jk7 Spa

Photo: Courtesy of JK7 Spa Retreat


And if you have more than a few thousand dollars to spend, the ultimate package at Pūpūkea’s Sullivan Estate and JK7 Spa Retreat includes, along with professionally prepared vegan meals and meditation, time in the JK7 Spa Sensator. This specially outfitted “pool house” lets you explore different realms as you float in uber-salty water while colors flash, music envelops you and water falls like rain.


In fact, regardless of what road to wellness we take, self-care practices tend to lead to a community, and research shows that a strong sense of belonging positively affects your overall happiness. So go on, try that sound bath or energy healer, and don’t hesitate to tell anyone and everyone. After all, what was once seen as radical is now relatable.



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