Ten shows, five days, one crazy tour!

By Amy Hānaiali‘i
Special to Nonstop

I’m so sorry for leaving all of you hanging. I had back-to-back shows every day, sound checks to attend — all while trying to keep some sanity. Ten shows, five days, one crazy tour! We’re finally back home, safe and sound, and I’ve had some time to go over some pictures and think about the great times we had in such a short time.

The food was over the top. It was hot as usual this time of the year, but I cannot stop thinking of how those we interacted with were so grateful for us being there, for the help Hawai‘i continues to send in donations, physical help, prayers and above all… aloha. At every single show, at least half of all of the people I talked to mentioned their gratitude in some way. Hawai‘i, our thoughts and actions mean much more than we can imagine — so let’s continue!

Touring can take a lot out on any entertainer — the constant back and forth from venue to hotel, finding places to eat, prepping for each show — especially two shows back to back! Since pictures are worth a thousand words, here are some shots of my last few days in Tokyo and Nagoya. I know my publicist Adrian Kamali‘i would like me to channel my inner-Portuguese… I’m pooped.

Adventures in Japan

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This is typically what breakfast looked like, a very American-style buffet in our hotel. The rice with the ume on it was EXTREMELY good. The tartness from the ume with the rice and bonito — ‘ono!


Mahalo to Nonstop Honolulu, Diane Seo and John Garcia for allowing me to share this experience with all of you. Mahalo to my PR Team at Pae ‘Āina Communications for keeping me in touch with all of you. Mahalo to the people of Japan for continuing to embrace Hawaiian music and culture and for showing the rest of the world that in strife, you continue to remain gracious, humble and strong. I’ll be back soon!

Aloha, Amy