Take a Sneak Peek at the Floor Plan for the New 12th Ave Grill

Hanney hopes to preserve 12th Ave Grill’s cozy feel in the bigger space.

Editor’s note: This is the fourth installment of a series, following Kevin Hanney as he moves 12th Ave Grill into the former Victoria Inn space.


Everyone knows that during the holidays, work grinds to a halt. So there hasn’t been much progress on the new 12th Ave Grill/Victoria Inn space. But just because the paperwork has been put on hold doesn’t mean Kevin Hanney has been idling—because holidays in the restaurant industry are anything but. The two weeks between Christmas and New Year’s, when everyone else is taking vacations and dining out, are restaurants’ busiest times. During the holidays, most restaurants don’t allow employees to take vacation at all. So two busy restaurants, plus Hanney’s cars breaking down (he had to replace both his and his wife’s car), as well as his computer, and it’s been a crazy holiday season for Hanney (oh, and the flu didn’t help either).


But it’s a new year and the new 12th Ave Grill looms. Here’s the current floor plan for the new space.


Floor plan


Hanney hopes to preserve 12th Ave Grill’s cozy feel in the bigger space (almost twice as big) by segmenting the dining area so that the main dining room will seat 46 people, about the same as 12th Ave Grill. The bar and counter area will have 22 bar stools as well as a few two-tops and four-tops. A large-party room will hold 20, a private dining room 30, and the two spaces can be combined for larger parties.