Moving 12th Ave Grill to Victoria Inn, part two


[Editor's note: This is the second installment of a series, following Kevin Hanney as he moves 12th Ave Grill into the former Victoria Inn space. See the first part here.]

Victoria Inn originally occupied two floors of the building with the second floor reserved for banquets and special events. Last December, Victoria Inn sold the remaining 18 years of its lease to Cory Beall, son of Allen Beall, whose development projects include Restaurant Row, Kahala Mall, and 280 Beachwalk. Beall divided the second floor into offices and leases out one space to a yoga studio and the bottom floor to Kevin Hanney.

This is the inside of Victoria Inn at the moment. Above is one side of the main dining room.

Victoria Inn's front of house service area—you can see the pass on the right, the narrow window between the kitchen and the front. There's even a ticket carousel, for keeping track of orders. All this is going to be torn out.

Victoria Inn's bar, in a separate room from the main dining area. Hanney is going to replace it all with new booths and a bar.

Above left: the entrance to Victoria Inn. Above right: the old banquettes.

The kitchen space, 1,400 square feet (about the same size as the current 12th Ave Grill) is set up like a hotel kitchen with a front line and back line. Above are views of the front.

The back line. It's perfect for Hanney. Now he can do catering gigs without having to interrupt the restaurant service flow. There's even a (nonfunctioning) dumbwaiter that Victoria Inn used to send plates to the banquet rooms upstairs. "I guess I'll turn it into a smoker or something," says Hanney.

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