Sustainable Fashion: Add These 7 Earth-Friendly Clothes, Shoes and Sunglasses to Your New Back-to-the-Office Wardrobe

The power of good buys.


earth-friendly sustainable fashion

Top to bottom, left to right: V-10 sneakers, organic linen top, washed organic linen pant, Ferris polarized, Banks 18K titanium polarized, Perdido polarized, Charmeuse silk top. Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino


Some of the weight of saving our planet rests heavily on the shoulder pads of the fashion industry. Now, more than ever, design houses are moving the needle on sustainability. Check out a few labels that are trying to make our world—and closets—a better place.



Part of Veja’s mission is to make a global impact. It does that, in part, by finding various substitutes for leather, including tilapia hide; using wild rubber from the Amazon rainforest; and respecting fair-trade principles when purchasing organic cotton.

V-10 sneakers, $150, Nordstrom, Ala Moana Center, (808) 953-6100


Eileen Fisher

The brand’s Renew takeback program encourages its customers to donate their used Eileen Fisher pieces by in-store drop-off or by mail to receive a $5 gift card. Recycled items will be resold or used for works of art. On the manufacturing side, the company uses organic fibers and responsible dyeing methods with safe chemicals.

Organic linen top, $158, washed organic linen pant, $198,


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Krewe Sunglasses

The New Orleans-based sunglasses brand uses 50% plant-based materials for its sleek and classic active styles. Creating small-batch collections is also a way the brand tries to cut back on waste.

Sunglasses from top: Ferris polarized, $195, Banks 18K titanium polarized, $295, Perdido polarized, $195,


ReCollect by Rebecca Taylor

Turn in gently worn Rebecca Taylor pieces to a Rebecca Taylor shop or by mail and receive a 15% discount on future purchases. Used items land on the website under the ReCollect tab and are sold at a discount. Half of ReCollect’s proceeds are donated to Cool Effect, an organization focused on reducing carbon emissions.

Charmeuse silk top, $75 on ReCollect (originally $325),