Summer fashion trends

Just because summer is half way done, that doesn’t mean your style should only be half way decent. In this blog, I’ll show you what styles I’ve been seeing a lot of lately. Some are trends of the moment, and some are definite summer must haves. From clothes to accessories, add these to your wardrobe to get your summer look on:

Ladies: Summer hats

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This is a must have for the summer, especially since we live in a place with sun all around us. Hats like these are perfect to beat the summer heat, but also can help on the make-up front. If you’re like me, I like getting tanned, but a tanned face is temporary, and that temporary color can throw off your existing foundation and powder shades. Hats not only protect your face from UV rays, but also prevent from having to buy more makeup. Here are my girlfriends (L-R): Makana Shook, Fetia Soloman and Olena Heu all sporting hats.

What trends have you been seeing? And what summer fashions do you think are must haves?