Soy to the World returns as Daizu Tei

Photo by Martha Cheng

Black sesame tofu and soy pudding with soy dashi and brown sugar syrup

If your previous experience with tofu is in firm blocks, sealed in rectangular plastic tubs, or tiny cubes floating in any-Japanese-restaurant’s miso soup, then Daizu Tei’s sukui tofu, an extra-soft silken tofu, is an experience that could change any tofu prejudices. It’s luscious, naturally beany and pure tasting, softer than panna cotta and even lighter on the tongue.

Mune Yamada, the owner of former Soy to the World in Manoa Marketplace (Grylt currently occupies the space) now vends his soybean products at the Honolulu Farmers’ Market at Blaisdell and KCC Farmers' Market. Stand-out items include black sesame tofu, nutty and slightly grainy from the sesame seeds; sweetened soy pudding; a rich, extra creamy soy milk; green tea and sesame okara senbei, thin Japanese wafers made with okara, the soybean pulp leftover from soy milk production. To accompany your soft tofu, Daizu Tei also offers a side of shoyu dashi or sugar syrup for an ultimate soybeany savory or sweet treat: proof in the soy pudding that tofu goes beyond palates of bland and blander.