Make It With the Family: Signature Ornament

Capture your child’s signature in an ornament you’ll keep on your tree for years to come.


Signature Ornaments Photo Aaron Yoshino

Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino


Handprints are a staple of kid crafts. (We have turned the outline of our little ones’ hands into wreaths, snowman and shaka ornaments.) But we love this idea that allows you to capture their keiki handwriting. All you need is for your child to write his or her signature to turn into a keepsake you can hang on the tree. Do one every few years to mark their changing writing or let older kids draw their creations. We made a snowman, candy cane and Rudolph himself.



  • 12-gauge wire
  • Pliers with a cutter
  • Baker’s twine or yarn
  • Glue gun


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  1. Have your child write his or her name in cursive on a white piece of paper. Younger children may need help.
  2. Cut a piece of wire longer than you anticipate needing. I used 18 inches for my son’s name then trimmed the rest.


Photo: Michelle Aucello


3. Lay the wire down on the name and tape as you go. Use the pliers to crimp the wire as needed.

4. Snip the wire at the end, but leave enough room to make a loop.

5. Attach the end of the yarn to the beginning of the name with a drop of glue from the glue gun.

6. Wrap the entire name with the yarn. You will need to unbend the name at points to get the yarn wrapped properly.

7. Tie off the yarn at the end and secure with another drop of glue.

8. Attach another piece of wire or yarn and hang it as an ornament.


Photo: Michele Aucello


Younger kids can make one using the first letter of their name or a simple drawing.


Thanks to for the idea!


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