Shellac-style nails

Like most women, I love to be pampered with a manicure and pedicure. Being able to do something nice for yourself is always good. But I’ve always had a problem with nail polish chipping a week or so after I’ve paid good money to have my nails done. Well, now I’ve discovered a nail technique that lasts and also enhances my natural nails.

I’ve been going to a nail shop called Top Nails since high school. Even though it was all the way in Kaimuki, and I lived in Moanalua, I always traveled to Top Nails because they provide good service and always keep up with changing trends. Last fall, my manicurist Ana introduced me to Shellac, a type of nail polish that lasts longer and helps natural nails grow stronger.

Unlike with acrylic nails, where the acrylic gel can get damaged and even leave dents on a person’s natural nails, Shellac is nourishing to nails, even brittle ones like mine. Ever since Ana introduced me to Shellac, this has been my manicure of choice. My Shellac manicure lasts about 2 ½ weeks, but for some, it can last up to a month. It’s also easily removed with acetone.

According to Ana, the nail treatment started to become popular last summer. What I love about using Shellac is that I never have to wait for the polish to dry. After the manicure, several coats and rounds with the UV light, I’m out of the shop in 45 minutes or less!

Have you heard of this treatment? Where do you get your nails done?

Here’s what my manicure treatment with Shellac looks like:

Shellac-style nails

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Top Nails by Ana
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