Shark Week: 6 Jaw-Dropping Videos of Shark Encounters in Hawaii

Who needs the Discovery Channel, when we can watch sharks off our own coastlines. Here’s a roundup of seven astonishing shark encounters in Hawaii.



1. Video Cameras Reveal Secret Lives of Reef Sharks


University of Hawai‘i scientists mounted video cameras on the fins of reef sharks. Find out what its like to be one of them.


Watch on National Geographic’s website.



2. Great White Shark in Hawai‘i


In December 2005, “Schatzi” the shark greeted caged visitors. Hawai‘i Shark Encounters Jimmy Hall climbed out of the cage to film the encounter.



3. Giant Whale Shark Surprises Tourists in Hawai‘i


Don’t worry, whale sharks only eat plankton and tiny fish. This one is harmless.



4.  Whale Shark in Kona, Hawai‘i


This ones huge!



5. Sharks of Hawai‘i by Rob White


These sharks dont look very menacing… at first.



6. A Great White Shark in Hawai‘i off Kaena Point


Shortly after reeling in a 300-pound marlin, fisherman Dominick Gaballo filmed a curious great white shark circling his boat. “Wow, Im trippin — that is unreal. Hes hungry, dude.” This video goes on for at least seven minutes. A hungry shark, indeed. (Heads up: Don’t watch this video at work, because it contains a few expletives. Hey, it was a pretty big shark...)