Shanghai rush: exploring Pudong

Aside from the various districts, Shanghai is divided into two distinct areas: Puxi, the main city; and Pudong, where the tallest buildings are. You will see  a lot of tall buildings on the Puxi side, but they are a mix of businesses, condominiums, and hotels. In Pudong, they are mostly businesses and a few hotels. Since the whole area of Pudong becomes a ghost town at night (not to mention it’s hard to get to and from there after dark due to government closures), Westerners often joke that it should be called “Pu Jersey.”

If you have time in Shanghai, you should take a day to walk along the Bund and take in the panorama of the water and the view of Pudong, then take a ferry or the pedestrian walkway to the other side. Actually, you may want to go to the other side to see the Science and Technology Museum, too, and check out the extensive counterfeit goods market below that. Here’s a very quick look at my excursion to Pudong.

Shanghai Rush

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There it is. Pudong is the side of Shanghai with all the skyscrapers, all the commerce, all the big, corporate offices. It’s bustling during the day, but by nightfall, there’s nothing there. Because of this, Westerners affectionately call it “Pu Jersey.”

Here’s a video of the ride in the tunnel. Chinese people like to have additional activities in their attractions!

And, here’s a video of me freaking out on the 100th floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center. It’s a must try!

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