Right Now, Get 15 Percent Off 12th Ave Grill’s Entire Menu

(Sponsored) The Kaimukī neighborhood restaurant offers dinners for two, heat-and-serve entrées, and—oh, yeah!—alcohol to go.
12th Ave Grill
Photo: Courtesy of 12th Ave Grill


I don’t know exactly how long 12th Ave Grill has been in business. But it’s long enough to have become a household name in Honolulu, even if you’ve never actually eaten there (“Oh, the place in Kaimukī, right? I’ve heard it’s good”). 12th Ave Grill is known for its gourmet American-fusion eats, served local-style with low-key casual vibes and a smile. And right now is the perfect time to order takeout from the Island restaurant, especially if you’re one of the folks who have never had a chance to try it.


Why? Here are a few reasons.


The entire menu is 15% off.

From appetizer to dessert, everything on the menu is offered at slashed prices. Check out 12th Ave Grill’s menu online, prices are as marked. The restaurant is currently open daily from 4 to 7:30 p.m.


Online ordering, and curbside pickup or delivery are available.

If your idea of a perfect three-day Memorial weekend consists of binging on Netflix at home and minimal human contact (maybe that’s just mine), 12th Ave Grill offers online ordering and delivery through all the main brands: Bite Squad, DoorDash and Uber Eats, as well as through Elite Delivery. Phone ordering is available, too, of course, just call 808-732-9469.


Get some booze on the side.

Right now, if your order totals to $50 or greater, you can also order from 12th Ave Grill’s selection of wines at, or below, cost. Plus, with every food purchase you’ll also have the option to add on craft cocktails or beer with your to-go order.


Easy-peasy dinners for two.

Usually it takes some time to prep and cook for your weekly date night in. Instead, try ordering one of 12th Ave’s dinners for two, available to order by phone or online for weekly delivery on Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 4:30 and 6:30 p.m. Now all you need to worry about is what movie to cue up.


Order-for-later family meals.

Now customers can preorder (24-hours in advance required) free-range jidori chicken, pork chops, New York Strip steak and mashed potatoes to pick up, put in the fridge and heat up later. Perfect for families or anyone who might find meal planning a bit of a challenge.


For more information, visit 12thavegrill.com. For updates, follow 12th Ave Grill on Facebook or Instagram.