Rendevous in NYC’s Lower East Side

Following a crazy Friday night, I woke up ready to be rejuvenated with a Russian brunch, then ready to go out again on Saturday night. I started the night off at Harry’s Café and Steak in New York’s Financial District. During happy hour, I watched the Jets vs. Patriots game, which was a pretty close game if I may add.

Being a Hawaii girl, I’m not a big fan of weather below 60 degrees, unless I’m snowboarding. So to beat the cold, I went to eat pho to warm up for another night of New York’s nightlife scene. One of my favorite places to party in New York is the Lower East Side. From bars to clubs, there’s a venue for everyone there. What I also love about the area is that there are always mixed crowds.

One of the highlights of my Saturday night was going to a speakeasy bar called Milk & Honey, an exclusive, members-only bar. Even though people may know where the bar is, you can’t enter without a reservation. When you enter the bar, you can grab a card with the bar’s number to come back. But the number is changed every month!

My friend Roland is a member, so that’s where we recapped our night. Although taking photos wasn’t allowed, I managed to snap a couple of shots. Some interesting things about Milk and Honey: It doesn’t serve vodka. The way you order drinks is not your typical, “Can I have Crown and Coke.” When the waitress comes by, you just tell her your preferences: the type of alcohol and fruit you like, and whether you like your drinks sweet, bitter, sour, etc. There are also strict rules. For example, guys can’t approach women at the bar. If they do, they’ll get kicked out. The drinks also are made from fresh fruits and are only prepared by mixologists who have been trained in London. Our tab for six drinks was well over $200, but to say that I was able to walk into an exclusive, members-only speakeasy bar in New York City that I’ll be able to visit again in the near future with fun friends: priceless.

Check out my fun-filled Saturday in New York City’s Lower East Side:


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A Russian diner in the heart of the financial district.