Quick start to a summer body

So summer is nearly here. I’m excited, but at the same time, pressured, because you know what summer means — beach/bikini time!

I’ve been trying to eat properly and get in some gym time despite my hectic schedule. I’m not the biggest fan, yet I’m not against, getting some professional assistance to look better at the beach. I did some research and have tried some of the procedures below. If you feel you need a little kick start to your bikini body mission, here are some places around town that can help.


Helen’s Haven: Arasys Procedure, $100 per session
4819 Kilauea Ave.
Pads are placed above and below the key muscles that you want to work out. The pads contract your muscles, working your muscles effortlessly. They say that one session is equivalent to 400 sit-ups or several trips to the gym.