Pint + Jigger Keeps Summer Going with a New Seasonal Menu

Think fresh fruit salads, citrusy cocktails and iced Irish coffees.
Pint + Jigger recently launched a summer menu that features refreshing cocktails and season-inspired menu items.
Photos: Catherine Toth Fox


Summer may be almost over, but Pint + Jigger has unveiled a new menu of drinks and dishes that are sure to keep you in that summery mood well into the fall.


Let’s start with the drinks.


Owner and bartender extraordinaire Dave Thor Newman created the Bright and Sunny ($11) to contrast the classic Dark and Stormy, a highball cocktail made with dark rum and ginger beer over ice with a slice of lime. This new concoction uses Kō Hana agricole rum, fresh muddled ginger and liliko‘i bitters from Hawai‘i Bitters Co. “We call it the ʻKyle Drink,’” jokes Newman, referring to Kyle Reutner, former bartender now the Kō Hana brand manager and co-founder of Hawai‘i Bitters Co. The drink is bright, citrusy and refreshing.


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Two of the pub’s new drinks: The Brrr-jito, a beer version of the minty mojito, and the Prime Thyme, with thyme-infused Aperol.


The Brrr-jito ($10) was a favorite among tasters. Simply put, it’s the beer version of a mojito—only way better, in my opinion. (And I’m not much of a beer or mojito fan.) It’s made using a Belgium white ale (replacing the rum), simple syrup, lime juice, club soda and fresh mint. “This drink was created for some customers who wanted a beer cocktail,” Newman explains. “They drank it in six seconds.” The longest anyone has taken to drink this cocktail, he adds, is two minutes. Yes, it’s that tasty.


The Batanga ($11) has an interesting backstory. In the western Mexico town of Tequila, which Newman visited earlier this year, there’s a nondescript cantina called La Capilla (“the chapel”) where this drink originated. It’s a very simple cocktail, created by Don Javier Delgado Corona, the bar’s owner, back in the 1950s. (Now 92, Corona is still behind the bar, believe it or not.) The drink is nothing more than tequila, Mexican Coke and fresh lime juice, served in a tall glass with a salted rim. The secret is actually in how it’s prepared—stirred with a big knife. “This drink is ridiculously simple and obnoxiously good,” Newman says. And it comes with a side of sliced, shaved cucumbers topped with Tajin, a Mexican seasoning consisting of chili peppers, lime and salt.


The Batanga is a simple cocktail of tequila, Mexican Coke and fresh lime juice, stirred with a knife. The drink comes with a plate of cucumber slices dusted with Tajin.


The coolest ingredient in the Prime Thyme ($10) is the thyme-infused Aperol, which is mixed with gin and Lustau East India sherry. The Baby Maker ($10) features house-infused citrus vodka and rhubarb, topped with egg white for a frothy head. The Shambles ($11) uses Pimm’s—one of my favorites—with Elijah Craig bourbon, Punt e Mes (an Italian vermouth), St. Germain (a liqueur flavored with elderflowers) and orange bitters. And the New Old Fashioned ($11) has an interesting blend of house-made orange marmalade and Cherry Heering, which gives the drink a “sweeter and bigger mouthfeel,” Newman says. The drink is served super chilled.


Now, the food.


Perfect for summer, P+J now offers a watermelon salad with chunks of watermelon, pickled watermelon rind, baby spring greens, shaved almonds, freshly pulled mozzarella cheese, fresh mint and fried onions, served with a watermelon vinaigrette.


My favorite dish on the new summer menu is the summer skillet, a medley of grilled zucchini, squash, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese topped with garlic panko and a rich balsamic reduction. Best when eaten atop the slices of buttery toast that comes with the dish.


The summer skillet features grilled veggies topped with a garlic panko and balsamic reduction.


The fresh fish mango salad features the daily fish, ranging from ono to mahimahi. (The night we visited, it was the latter.) The fish is pan-roasted and served on a bed of couscous with a mango salsa. It comes with a small salad of baby spring greens, shaved almonds, fried onions and the same watermelon vinaigrette that dresses the watermelon salad.


The Triple B sandwich features a slow-cooked, 16-hour brisket with a Kansas City-style, tomato-based barbecue sauce, coleslaw, wilted kale and fries. It only gets better with any of the pub’s 21 quality craft beers on tap.


This dish features the fish of the day—in this case, mahimahi—pan-roasted and served on a bed of couscous with a mango salsa.


We devoured the Triple B sandwich, savoring the slow-cooked, 16-hour brisket with a Kansas City-style barbecue sauce.


The pan-roasted pork tenderloin is served over roasted cauliflower and haricots verts, topped with a very unique cauliflower gravy and red-wine-soaked cherries. The salty-peppery crust on the pork makes this dish.


P+J also serves three coffee cocktails—these are served with brunch—made with the house cold brew that literally sits for three days in the fridge. The iced Irish ($10) is the pub’s take on a classic Irish coffee, served over ice with a house-made vanilla whip and nutmeg. It’s indulgent in all the right ways.


Pint + Jigger is currently serving this summer menu, along with its classic cocktails and dishes, for dinner. 1936 S. King St., 744-9593,


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