Party Planning Guide: No-Slumber Sleep Under

Set up pillows, plush toys and pancakes for a pajama party under the (cut-out) stars.


Photo: Karen DB Photography


  • Whip up a dozen giant pancakes. Stack, layer and drizzle with icing. Top with a dollop of whipped cream for a star-studded centerpiece.
  • Dress up doughnuts, mini waffles and star-shaped pancakes with icing, cereal and sprinkles.
  • Arrange blueberries, strawberries, bananas and pineapples and serve with protein-packed Greek yogurt.
  • Don’t forget the calcium! Chill orange juice and milk in the fridge until they’re ready to serve in colorful, kid-friendly milk bottles with paper straws.


Photo: Karen DB Photography


Breakfast for dinner: 🧇 Find Cafe Kaila’s recipes for crunch pancakes and stuffed French toast here!


  • For a slumber-land look, use fishing line and heavy-duty tape to hang a moon-shaped mylar balloon, cardboard stars and cotton pillow stuffing from the ceiling and walls.
  • Arrange blankets, pillows, sleeping bags and plush toys to give kids their own space.


Photo: Karen DB Photography


  • Fill cellophane bags with fun and practical items: nontoxic kids’ nail polish and lip gloss, sleep masks, toothbrushes, bath bombs and flashlights. Top it with a hair tie or colorful ribbon.


Big hugs and sweet dreams swag bags all around! Photo: Karen DB Photography

The Looks

Green-striped long john pajamas, $44; Short John Hello Sunshine and blue-striped short johns, $40; lion and unicorn striped pajamas, $44; hugging moons pillowcase, $14.99; Swedish stripe pillowcase, $19; Galaxy quilt, $89.99; monster buddy pillow, $14.99; dog pillow, $24.99; cloud pillow, $19.99. Hanna Andersson,


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Dress it up! Iron-on patches, ribbons and rhinestones can add a bit of bling to personalized pillowcases. Photo: Karen DB Photography


  • Tie a piece of cereal (Froot Loops or Cheerios) to the end of a 2-foot-long piece of dental floss. String more onto the floss to create a crunch-and-munch lei.
  • Slide a piece of cardboard into a prewashed white pillowcase.
  • Give keiki fabric markers so they can create their own dreamy designs.
  • Try a glow-in-the-dark treasure hunt. One child hides glow sticks, rings and other treats in a dark room for the others to find.
  • Play sardines! One keiki hides while the others count to 100. The next kid to find him or her, joins in the hiding spot. The last kid to find the group hides next.


Ring cereal makes for playful, edible jewelry. Photo: Karen DB Photography

Other Ideas!

  • Keep a stash of kid-friendly movies so sleepy or overstimulated guests can snuggle in for a break. Our favorite new flicks include Mary Poppins Returns, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Incredibles 2 and the Toy Story franchise.
  • Create a pajama dance party! Toss dozens of pillows into a corner, flip off the lights, turn on flashlights and play upbeat songs, such as “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride,” “Better When I’m Dancin’,” “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and “Shake It Off.”