Our Top 5: Roast pork

Roast pork may seem like a random dish to single out for Nonstop’s Our Top 5 series, especially following more traditional choices of poke, burgers and cocktails. But actually, there’s a reason I picked it. We’ve all gone to plate lunch restaurants and been overwhelmed by the choices. What to get? Teri beef? Chicken katsu? Or hamburger steak? Most plate lunch grinders I know have a “go-to” plate lunch dish. Mine is roast pork.

The simple combination of tender pork and savory gravy is all I need to satisfy my hunger. If I see roast pork on the menu, I often order it, because it makes ordering simple and gives me a litmus test for the quality of food at a particular restaurant. If the roast pork is good, it usually means I’d go back to try other dishes.

Oh and I’m not talking about Chinese-style roast pork with crispy skin and a layer of fat. I’m talking about local-style roast pork, either sliced or shredded, slathered with brown gravy. My criteria in selecting my Top 5 focused on the tenderness of the pork, ratio of meat to fat (I like a little fat in my dish, but not too much), the flavor of the gravy and overall taste.

Uh oh, my stomach is growling. I wonder which of my picks I’ll be eating at tomorrow.

#5 – One Plus One Drive Inn

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I only recently tried this Mo`ili`ili plate lunch place, but I’m sure I’ll be back for more of their ono roast pork. The portions are just right at its price of $7.75 for a regular and $6.50 for a mini, and the dish is flavorful with a good ratio of meat to fat. One Plus One’s gravy is the lightest of my Top 5, so it really lets the flavor of the roast pork shine. I also appreciated the tiny pieces of crispy skin on the plate, although some of the pieces were a little dry.

One Plus One Drive Inn
2437 S. King St.

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