Our Top 5 Limited-Edition Picks for the Ultimate #TGIFoodland Party

(Partner Content) Foodland’s ‘ono 75th anniversary eats have you covered Aloha Friday through Sunday Funday.


Whether it’s a relaxed, one-person Aloha Friday at home or a Sunday Funday beach barbecue, we all know Foodland is the place with everything you need to celebrate the weekend. And this year, it’s giving us even more ways to put the “pow” in pau hana, with newly launched limited-edition 75th anniversary products that are about to become your new favorites. Here are our top five picks to grab for this weekend and beyond.


Ginger Scallion ‘Ahi Tataki Poke

Foodland Ginger Scallion Ahi Tataki Poke

Photo: Courtesy of Foodland


Already a favorite for poke, Foodland now offers a new flavor for its fresh fish. The ginger scallion ‘ahi tataki poke echoes Hawai‘i’s own melting pot culture, combining the zingy, savory and refreshing sauce of cold ginger chicken with cubes of quick-seared ‘ahi. Try it by the pound, or as a poke bowl or bento!


Meadow Gold Sweetened Plantation Iced Tea

Foodland Meadow Gold Plantation Iced Tea

Photo: Courtesy of Foodland


The makers of POG have hit another home run with a new drink that can only be found at Foodland. Smooth black tea, made sweet and tropical with the addition of pineapple juice, this iconic local sip is the perfect solution to Hawai‘i’s scorching summer heat. Enjoy alone with ice, or get creative as a mixer for your own refreshing cocktail creation.


Maika‘i Shaka Session IPA

Foodland Maikai Shaka Session Ipa

Photo: Courtesy of Foodland


Foodland joined forces with local fave Honolulu Beerworks to produce its very first beer. With a bright, hoppy flavor and low ABV, the Maika‘i Shaka Session IPA makes for easy Island drinking, sun up or sun down. It pairs perfectly with pau hana staples, including the ones on this list!


Fried Chicken Skin

Foodland Fried Chicken Skin

Photo: Courtesy of Foodland


Move over, pork rinds: There’s a new crunchy obsession in town. Foodland’s fried chicken skin is positively addicting and might just be our favorite new chip. Each piece is dusted and deep-fried just right, resulting in crispy savory bites you’ll keep reaching for. Pair with dip, beer or nothing at all—just don’t be surprised when it disappears.


Maika‘i Firecracker Dip

Foodland Maikai Firecracker Dip

Photo: Courtesy of Foodland


What’s a party without some fireworks? The Firecracker Seafood dip is a rich, creamy spread with just enough kick to wake up your tastebuds. Featuring mayo, sour cream, imitation crab, sriracha, green onion and more, it’s good with just about any dip. May we suggest fried chicken skin?


For more information or to shop Foodland’s 75th anniversary products, visit foodland.com.